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Peru is a land of ancient civilizations, the lost city of the Incas and breathtaking waterfalls. Start your tour of Peru with a bicycle tour of Lima, once known as City of the Kings. Knowledgeable and friendly guides take visitors through streets, by Lima Bay and places not on usual tourist maps. Make sure to visit a Peruvian market while in Lima for souvenirs such as blankets, shawls, dolls, chess boards, unusual vegetables and exotic fruits. Also remember to try churros and a Pisco sour while you are there.

Visit the ruins at Sacsayhuaman which were built by the people of the Killke culture around 1100 AD. Some believe that these walls were built for fortification while others think they were designed to symbolize the head of a puma since Cuzco resembles a puma from above. The walls stand about 6 meters tall and 400 meters in length.

Get a Hop-on-hop-off bus pass and see an exciting side of Peru. Try sandboarding (surfboarding on sand) and visit Lake Titicaca, where you can see the Uros people on their floating islands.

Visit a Quechua community, learn the art of Pisco making, visit a craft market in Pisac, experience Huaca Pucllana and marvel at Puca Pucara, military ruins at Cusco. Visit Peru and take home memories to last a lifetime.

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