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This was truly an unforgettable experience -- in a very positive way!

A Trabi Safari tour is well worth it -- very innovative tour. They even changed my tour date without question -- and with no extra charge - when we showed up a day earlier than our reserved tour. (Duh! Lost track of the days, but no problem with Trabi Safari, thank goodness.) While the Trabis are old, shudder and creak, keep trying to stall out, and are accompanied by the ever present smell of fuel and exhaust, we loved our hour-long tour in a convertible Trabi. Driving through the streets of Berlin, succeeding in keeping our car going, looking at most of the major sites, and waving at all the tourists gawking at our six car procession was a blast. My daughter and I totally recommend this tour for those who are willing to live adventurously. Viel spaß!

Berlin: 75-minute Trabi Safari Reviewed by Anonymous, 20/08/2011

more thrilling than the fairground, a rattling tourist adventure

Like driving the most weirdly nostalgic piece of history, we chose a ddr coloured one, the pace is quite slow which offers the opportunity to take in the sights and commentary (via radio), also it's helpful for the driver of your party as they'll be busy ignoring the 'rattly bag of spanners' engine whilst handling the adventurous gears and entertaining breaks. Be aware of that but don't be put off, the tour takes in many aspects of the city old, new, contemporary and historical and you will find that you become part of the sights of Berlin. We took it on our first day which helped us plan not only what we wanted to do but how we could plan where

Berlin: 75-minute Trabi Safari Reviewed by Paul, 28/04/2016

See Berlin from a different angle, great fun.

I have been to Berlin several times and seen the 'Trabi Tours' whizzing through town, but this is the first time I have done one. Driving a Trabi is a great experience, if you ever find fourth gear!!!, the tour took us to parts of the city we had not seen before, East Side Gallery is a good example, which we returned to on foot. Our guide in the front car was first class, good descriptions of the sights and managed to keep us in convey all the way round, also very good giving directions to unusual sights worth visiting when the tour ended. I would say this tour is a MUST for anyone.

Berlin: 75-minute Trabi Safari Reviewed by Tony, 01/08/2015

An absolute must - great way to see the city

I was nervous about this because I’d never driven abroad before, and now I was doing it for the first time in Berlin city centre. In a trabi. But I needn’t have worried - our guide was amazing; if you get such at traffic lights, everyone just pulls in and waits so there’s no chance of getting lost! The guide’s radio commentary gives a great insight into the city so it was a brilliant way to orientate ourselves on day one - and we laughed all the way round!Trying yo get to grips with driving the trabi was hilarious, definitely a highlight for our trip.

Berlin: 75-minute Trabi Safari Reviewed by Laura, 25/03/2018

Fantastic experience. Great fun. A must do whilst in Berlin.

A great way to see Berlin, such a fun experience. Don't take it too seriously, you will laugh from start to finish, but it can be a struggle to hear the tour guide over the radio whilst you're driving the Trabi... The guide gives an excellent explanation of Trabant history whilst you top up with fuel half way around. The whole safari took almost 2 hours, so allow plenty of time for the tour. It was a crazy couple of hours... you must try it!

Berlin: 75-minute Trabi Safari Reviewed by Nigel, 05/11/2018