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It was amazing, the guide was fantastic, very personable & caring.

The tour would have gotten a gold star and 5 of them but for the following. The tour guide just did not give enough time to take pictures which is more about the way the tours are set up and the time allowed to complete them I suspect. It was, unfortunately, a crazy hot day and right after the Vatican had been closed for Easter so extremely crowded. It was almost impossible to hear on my head set if I got separated by even just 5 to 6 feet from my guide and in such a crowd that happened often so I missed a lot. Too rushed through the archaeological area no time for pics not much explanation there. At the end of the tour we handed in our radios and then were sent on our way with direction on where to exit and yet the signage for finding the tram stations again was minimal. I ended up heat stroked, no time to drink hardly during the tour withot getting lost, and it took 1.5 hours to find way out with vomit, hydration and rest breaks. Thank goodness for compassionate strangers.

Amazing place to visit, I especially enjoyed the gardens

Got there at 9.15am, waited in slow moving line for 2 hours to go through the security check, then we were shuffled through the state rooms with no time to stop and really look at what’s there, not even be able to see what number you needed to press for the audio guide. Just hundreds of visitors taking photos rather than looking with their eyes! By the time we got to the Hall of mirrors there was a little more space and time. However, there is no opportunity to go back to see the things you missed. The gardens were lovely and it was just wonderful when all the fountains started to play at 3.30pm.

Lovely Palace and gardens, but the door attendants most unhelpful.

Palace and gardens great. Unlimited access not so great! Attendants most unhelpful. Was feeling unwell and decided to take the air in the gardens before going back into the palace to finish our visit, but was told we had to queue up again to enter... Ridiculous! Had to go through security again! Why can’t ticket holders re-nter the Palace by showing their tickets, or a system be employed where tickets or a hand is stamped with a dye to prove they’ve been in and so allow them the chance to go back and forth at will. Beurocracy gone mad!!

Excellent value, quick entrance, great idea.

There was no problem because we were there at opening time in March but I can see that it is well worth doing in the height of the tourist season. Fantastic value and a great visit to make. Travel out on the train and walk a short distance. The town of Versailles is worth a wander good croque monsieur in L’Esperance cafe. One tip if you want to take a self drive golf buggy around the huge and beautiful gardens take your driver’s license.

The Palace of Versailles was beautiful. A 2 hour wait in line wasn't.

Due to the fact it was raining very hard and windy, the wait in line was almost 2 hours. Nothing was being done to expedite the wait. When we finally entered and presented our ticket, there was only person working. Other than that the palace was beautiful! We didn't get to go to the gardens because of the weather.

Palace of Versailles and Gardens Full Access Ticket Reviewed by Anonymous, 06/05/2019