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Massive amounts of information. Very polite staff.

The tour was very informative almost too informative. We watched a documentary while driving to the destination which made time go by faster. Tour guide in Auschwitz really knew her stuff. Tours could have used some rules such as no selfies/portraits since this is very disrespectful. Also it was way too crowded and I think it should be regulated so that you get the best experience. Salt mine was great very fun experience. We kind of got lost on the way back to the parking lot because the guide did not tell us how to get back from the exit. I would say not enough time to order food and eat this was due to the decision of the group to not go to the restaurant. Driver was very polite and accommodating with air conditioning. Only complaint is the bus was completely full and very cramped wished it was a smaller group tour.

Interesting tour, pretty well organized, but a little too rushed

Pretty well organized. The trip went smoothly, the guide had a lot of interesting facts to present, but the guided tour felt a bit rushed. There was barely any time to just look around and ponder, because we had to constantly listen while looking around, and then immediately move to the next thing. Also, at times it was a bit hard to hear and understand what the guide said. But I liked that his tone and attitude were very appropriate for the circumstances. All in all, I am glad I booked this tour because it really helped me make the most of the visit at the museum and save time worrying about transportation and tickets.

It was excellent! Our tour guide at auschwitz was phenomenal.

Our tour guide on the bus was always rushing us, I would have been g’ad If we could have just had an hour or something at each camp to see the museums on our own- I just felt a little rushed and wished that we had time to leisurely process it all- In fact I chose just auschwitz over auschwitz and the mines together on the same day so that I wouldn’t be rushed , but I still felt rushed regardless! However the tour guide at auschwitz hardly the topic so sensitively and was so insightful and shared stories of encounters that she had had with actual survivors. She was incredible

From Krakow: Auschwitz-Birkenau Full-Day Guided Tour Reviewed by Anonymous, 15/07/2019

A very worthwhile visit however the driver let the day down

The trip itself to Auschwitz-Birkenau was a very worthwhile visit and I am very glad that I did it. I will never forget the sights that I saw there or the suffering that the prisoners endured. The only negative comment is that the driver had agreed to drop us at our hotel which we tipped him extra for, then dropped us at a street an hour and a half’s walk from our hotel insisting that it was the right place. It wasn’t, so we had to get another taxi home.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Admission Ticket and Transportation Reviewed by Anonymous, 23/07/2019

Very good needed unsupervised time to take it all in

This was a very good tour but somewhat rushed. The guide was very passionate and knowledgeable. However, some free time to look around , revisit certain areas would have been great. To do this an earlier start and later salt mine tour would have been better. Alot of information to digest and we found ourselves at times overwhelmed and exhausted. Really good experience. A must!!!