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5 best day trips from Hanoi

Day trip to Ha Long Bay

If you have visions of craggy limestone islands rising majestically out of turquoise waters, head immediately to Ha Long Bay. This iconic landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site visited by millions of people every year. Of course, the top activities are boat tours of the bay, which can guide you to sites like the colorfully illuminated Dao Go Cave, the island of Tuan Chao, and the serene bays of Bai Tu Long National Park.

How far is Ha Long Bay from Hanoi?

The 174 kilometers (108 miles) from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay do not go quickly, so leave early and plan to return late. Driving, the journey takes three to four hours. Public transportation is not a good option for day trips to Ha Long Bay. A guided tour is highly recommended for this excursion.

Day trip to Duong Lam Ancient Village

For a fascinating getaway from the bustle of Hanoi, head to the hamlets of Duong Lam Ancient Village. One of the oldest villages in the region — as well as the country — Duong Lam has well over 1,200 years of history to explore. Make sure to see the five communal houses — dedicated to local heroes, kings, and gods — admire the Buddhas of Mia Pagoda, and marvel at the temple and mausoleum of the ancient King Ngo Quyen.

How far is Duong Lam Ancient Village from Hanoi?

The 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Hanoi to Duong Lam Ancient Village takes around an hour and 15 minutes by car. Taking public transportation is possible, but allow more time as it takes closer to three hours via several different buses.

Day trip to Ninh Binh Province

A day trip to Ninh Binh is perfect for those in search of unforgettable natural beauty. The area is best known for its dramatic karst landscape, which can be seen in all its glory at the grottoes of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Trang An or cruising the river to Tam Coc. Don’t miss an opportunity to check out the many temples of the 10th and 11th century capital of Hoa Lu.

How far is Ninh Binh Province from Hanoi?

The town of Ninh Binh is 94 kilometers (58 miles) south of Hanoi. By car, the trip is about an hour and a half. Trains take around two hours. A guided tour is an excellent option for a day trip to from Hanoi to NInh Binh.

Day trip to Bat Trang Village

Best known for its centuries-old porcelain tradition, Bat Trang Village is an excellent day trip for art and history lovers alike. Browse the dazzling rows of artisanal pottery, dishware, sculpture, and other ceramic art that lines the streets and shopfronts of the village. A visit to the Porcelain and Pottery Market is a must, or try your own hand at pottery at the ceramic playground. For a unique experience, hop on a buffalo cart for a ride.

How far is Bat Trang Village from Hanoi?

You can travel the 16 kilometers (10 miles) to Bat Trang Village in just 40 minutes by car. On the bus, it can take from an hour to 90 minutes.

Day trip to Ba Vi National Park

Escape from civilization and delve into the lush splendor of Ba Vi National Park. This gorgeous nature area is very popular for walking and hiking, though there are several points of interest to visit. Travelers can join the pilgrims and hike up to the summit of Tan Vien peak to see the shrine of the Mountain God and the Ho Chi Minh Temple. Adventurous people can also explore the ruins of the abandoned French resort that has since been reclaimed by the jungle.

How far is Ba Vi National Park from Hanoi?

It will take between 90 minutes to two hours to drive the 62 kilometers (38.5 miles) to Ba Vi National Park from Hanoi. The bus can range from two to three hours.

Hanoi day trip FAQ

What transportation options are best for my day trip?

Trying to figure out how to get around any foreign country can be intimidating. There are several choices in Vietnam that can fit your goals and travel style.

Hanoi day trips by train

Trains in Vietnam are old but fairly dependable and travel in most directions from Hanoi. Many destinations outside of main centers may require a transfer to a bus or taxi at some point in the journey.

Hanoi day trips by bus

The bus is the most comprehensive and affordable public transportation option for day trips around Hanoi. Buses run all over, however depending on the time and specific location could be limited. Traveling by bus may require one or more transfers before you reach your final destination.

Hanoi day trips by car

Traffic and driving in Hanoi and Vietnam are generally chaotic. If you are a confident driver, a car is a fine option to reach more rural places or to simply take control of your own schedule. Many travelers opt to rent a motorcycle or motorbike to get around, which is a very popular and efficient — though sometimes daring — option.

Should I take a guided tour for my day trip?

A guided tour is always a smart choice for day trips, especially in more remote areas of the country. Whether you are struggling with logistics or don’t feel confident with a language barrier, guided tours provide peace of mind, convenience, and the opportunity to bond with fellow travelers.

What should I pack for my day trip?

What to bring with you on your day trip depends on the season and your destination. For the beach, swim gear, and sunscreen are a good idea, while trips to higher-elevated areas would benefit from warm clothes. No matter the location, always make sure to bring plenty of water.

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What people are saying about Hanoi

If you only have a day, this is a good option. Van is a squeeze!

This tour was one of the cheaper ones to book but covered everything we wanted/needed without any additional costs. Pros: Hotel pick up and drop off. Got to see the caves, eat lunch (they cater for vegetarians), go kayaking or bamboo boating, good & knowledgable guide (Victor) with good English, good amount of time in bay if you haven’t seen limestone karsts before. Con: The van was a real squeeze, especially if you’re stuck at the back. There is pretty much no leg room and nothing fancy there, just a seat. Our driver was also not great (he got us safely there and back) as he seemed to be in too high a gear throughout the journey, making the van judder loudly constantly. He also seemed to use the throttle as of it were an on/off switch causing the van to serve back and forth. Pretty sure I had motion sickness from the driving after the day had finished (I never get sick from a boat). The journey felt long and some you’re the new express way but you get what you pay for I guess!

Delightful Day, activity packed and easy

Our tour guide was the loveliest chick with excellent English and a savvy sense of humour. The bus ride was comfortable and the small group of people that accompanied us all nice and friendly. The day is action packed and really informative. The only unsavoury part, which isn't the guide's fault was the boat ladies manner and demeanour in trying to get $ out of us for snacks and tipping. We travel a lot so we are used to this, but it seemed rude and under-handed which leaves an unpleasant taint on that part of the day.

Our tour and tour guide met all our expectations.

My husband and I had a fantastic day and would recommend them, I am happy that we went in June as we had no queues and our group of 12 was perfect. Our tour guide spoke good English and had a great sense of humour I give him a 5 star rating also Our lunch they provided on the cruise was exceptional with a nice touch heading back from our kayak with green tea and biscuits. I would definitely recommend Get you guide with Incredible Cruise

Excellent and very well organized trip. We went on September 6.

This trip was very well planned and organized. Our guide ‘Man’ was very nice and helpful. Hotel pick and drop off in old quarter. Food was OK on the boat, nothing out of ordinary. The mini boat rides were well arranged in the Halong bay. It is a MUST See in Vietnam tour. Just amazing. Remember, it will get really hot and humid. There in no air conditioner anywhere except on the use. But still worth it. I highly recommend this tour.

Excellent tour, Jack was outstanding tour guide

Halong Bay is a must see if you're in Vietnam! This was a great tour. The caves were amazing! The only negative I can think of is that the lady who was our guide on the bamboo boat paddled us way out into the water and then demanded a tip. I generally prefer to tip someone at the end of a service commensurate with the service they provide, and not feel basically trapped into providing a tip while in the middle of the water.