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Top 5 surprising facts about the Great Wall of China

There are as many Great Wall of China facts as the structure is long and old. The Great Wall of China was built in the 7th century BC primarily using the wheelbarrow, an invention of the Chinese. Read on to learn more about its ancient history before visiting!

Great Wall of China Length

Great Wall of China Length

The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made structure in the world. Its literal Chinese meaning is The Immeasurably-Long or the 10,000-Mile-Long Wall. It is 13,171 miles long.

The Cost of Construction

The Cost of Construction

During its construction, it was called “the longest cemetery on earth” because so many died building it. The estimated number of lives lost is over one million.

Some World Math

Some World Math

If you added the length of all Chinese defense walls built over the last 2,000 years, the number would be about 31,070 miles—6,216 miles less than the circumference of the planet.

Outer Space Myth Debunked

Outer Space Myth Debunked

The Great Wall cannot in fact be seen from the moon without aid. This widespread “Great Wall of China from space” myth was popularized by Robert Ripley back in 1932.

Saving a Legacy

Saving a Legacy

Over 10 million people visit annually. With sections crumbling and graffiti-covered, the Chinese have struggled with maintenance—the sheer length makes preservation impossible.

Our insider tips

Research where to visit

The best point of departure is Beijing with the four most popular sections being Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai and Jinshanling. Each has its advantages and disadvantages: some are closer but more crowded, better for kids or the elderly, have a better view of the mountains, beautiful forest cover, or fun ruins to climb.

Prepare Ahead

Give yourself no less than three hours to explore, so be sure to pack sunscreen, snacks and a good supply of water. Don’t forget to check the weather before you head out!

Wake Up Early

Take the first tourist bus around 7:00AM, arriving around 9:00AM or 10:00AM, to avoid the crowds.

Good to know

  • When should I visit?
    Hours vary by entrance point. Some sections of the wall close periodically for repairs, so check online in advance.
  • Is it expensive?
    Entrance-only prices vary by location, and can be as low as 25 RMB ($4) or even free, but continue up with tour options.
  • Will I need a guide?
    A guide is recommended not only for the history, but also due to the fact that some wall sections are very dangerous and poorly maintained.
  • How to get there
    Directions vary by selected entrance, with the closest being 50km away. Many train/bus options are available to each.
  • Additional information

    • Remember that November to April offers bitterly cold weather, so a visit to the Wall may not be enjoyable.

    • If traveling without a guide/tour, please use caution as some sections of the Wall can be in disrepair.

What people are saying about Great Wall of China

Excellent in all aspects, very friendly and knowledgeable guide.

I was by myself, since although it was a perfect day for hiking, it was in the middle of the week. The hike is a little bit tiring, but absolutely amazing views and so unusually peaceful (almost no other people for 3-4 hours, unlike the crowd atmosphere at other Great Walll sections. If you are fit and want to do something different in Beijing, you should definitely try this trip.

Really convenient ride to the Great Wall and very helpful guide

Very convenient way of transportation to Mutianyu Great Wall. The guide was very helpful and attentive and spoke good English. He bought the tickets for the full group and dropped us at the entrance of the wall. It gives you perfect timing to climb to tower 23 and then go back to tower 6 (the slide ride down is real fun).

Mutianyu Great Wall Bus Transfer with Options Reviewed by Sylvia, 18/10/2018

Everything they promissrd to the last detail they prommised.

The comfortable bus left on time and we were given an extra hour at the wall. There were only thee or four non Chinese people on board, but guide Tony gave explanations in good English too. Bright guy who unlike some guides does not talk too much. And no shopping on the way! At the wall we were left on our own. Warmly recommended tour!

Mutianyu Great Wall Bus Transfer with Options Reviewed by Tom, 06/10/2018

Excellent Organization - Great Experience

We booked our tour during the golden week which is known to be very busy. Our tour guide Tony has fortunately well prepared for that event and has scheduled an early departure so that we did not have to queue at all and were able to enjoy the wall with not too many people. Tony and his colleagues were very friendly and helpful. They on top offered historical background information in Chinese and English. All in all, we can highly recommend the offered tour.

From Beijing: Mutianyu Great Wall Day Tour Reviewed by Helen, 05/10/2018

Gustavo has facilitated an amazing experience!!

It's been the first time to the Great Wall and I wanted to make sure that I won't end up in a huge crowd of tourist. The hike organized by Gustavo was excellent! We had a great hike and once we've exited a forest area, we could see the magnificent wall in front of us! The Great Wall section that we've reached was almost empty, so it was perfect for pictures. Later on I've learned that most tourists reach the wall from a section which doesn't allow them access to the section where we've been, so if you follow Gustavo you'll always have an exclusive experience.

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