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Fantastic Trip, Beautiful Scenery, Beautiful Day, & Lots of Great Pics

We had a great driver, Paul. We departed Limerick around 7:55 & arrived in Killarney at the Outlet Center around 9:30. We walked around the town, and had coffee & used the toilets at the Outlet Center while waiting for 2 buses from Dublin & Cork to arrive (& also people from Killarney). The tour officially started at 11:00. People doing the Ring of Kerry tour departed in two buses & people doing the Dingle tour were on Paul's bus. We made several brief stops at scenic points for photos. We made 20-minute stops at Inch Beach & at the BeeHive Huts (which cost extra to see up close, but you could take photos from the road). We stopped for lunch in Dingle from 2:30-4 & then returned to Killarney to meet the other buses around 5:30 & get people back on the bus they arrived on. We got back to Limerick around 7:00 that evening. The only problem we had was after we left Inch Beach (1st stop) around 12:15, it was more than 2 hours before we had a chance to use the toilets again (in Dingle).

Dingle Day Tour from Limerick Reviewed by Vicki, 13/06/2019

A very nice trip! I am happy that I have done it!

Our driver John was very nice and funny and made the 1,5 hr long ride to the cliffs very entertaining. I think 1, 5 hrs at the cliffs is enough time. I think the journey could go to a different pub for lunch (I didn't eat but it looked canteen-like) and also the description should be changed because we were back earlier than 5 pm. (I know that the driver is in no position to chanhe that. Thanks, John, you were great. :D)

Cliffs of Moher Full-Day Tour from Limerick Reviewed by Anonymous, 03/09/2019

The time at the cliffs could have been longer.

It was a good tour. I would have liked even more time at the cliffs. Perhaps less at the restaurant! It was a surprise at the end of the tour to hear that we could not get off where we got on in the morning and that we would have to travel into the city. Some law is to blame for that but makes no sense to me. It added about another hour and a half to the excursion.

Cliffs of Moher Full-Day Tour from Limerick Reviewed by Ronel, 13/05/2018

Nice places! But maybe change the time you've got visiting everything.

Maybe it's better to let people bring themselves a lunch to eat it on their ways. The lunch took an hour and a half which press pretty much, in comparison to the 15 min stay at the burden, 30 min at burraty and 1.5 hours at moher.

Cliffs of Moher Full-Day Tour from Limerick Reviewed by Anonymous, 18/05/2018