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Eye-opening account from participants - IRA and UVF

Rocky did the Republican side and Jake did the Loyalist side. Coming from Dublin I have an innate understanding of the nationalist / republican side, but the first-hand accounts from an ex IRA volunteer were to say the least eye-opening. I knew what happened in a dry almost academic sense but had no idea of the stories nor of the effect of the Troubles on both communities. I thoroughly enjoyed Jake's account and he effectively countered the Republican narrative about the troubles. In effect the "troubles" were in large measure a civil war between loyalists and republicans with the loyalists attacking republicans and those perceived as supporting them. Both men said they do not want to see the troubles re-occur, and that was heartening. Both admitted that more innocent people were killed during the troubles than combatants. As an Irish person, I am convinced that we must make an agreed Ireland (whatever that may be) a warm house for the likes of Jake, Rocky and all of us.

Belfast: Political Conflict 3-Hour Walking Tour Reviewed by James, 25/09/2019

Great - from the horse's mouth, and from both sides of the 'fence'

Fantastic opportunity to listen to both 'sides' of the 'argument', with the guides' first hand experiences of living through 'the troubles' and the ongoing divide between the two communities. We were keen to have our teenage children gain a better understanding about the history and the 'way forward' for the communities. The two tour guides were fantastic. My wife and I were a bit apprehensive about taking the tour, especially with two teenagers, but we were made to feel safe throughout the tour and are so glad that we did the tour. We came away feeling 'numb' as the stark realities of 'the troubles' are laid bare by both guides, but I think that's the whole point of the tour - to learn some of the facts and realities of what happened, and also what the current situation is, and what the future may hold!

Amazing way to understand The Troubles (both sides)

Amazing way to discover and understand "The Troubles" and what's really happened through people who lived a difficult time. Beautiful message of Hope in their speech for the next generation. It's where the peace came from! Thanks to both of my guides I will go deeper in my research to try to understand. You can ask all the questions you need or want even the personal one, they will be happy to answer. You can see that they wanna share their story (the tour finished even after because we had lot of questions) to make the conflit stop. You can also feel their scars. (I had my tears too) After this I went to the Crumling and help me a lot to understand my visit. (I advice to do both)

Belfast: Political Conflict 3-Hour Walking Tour Reviewed by Lison, 02/09/2019

A really insightful tour with two guides who shared their stories.

Both Eugene and Mark, our two opposing tour guides, did wonderfully well in putting both sides of this terrible divide. They explained some of the history that got them and us to this impasse. They tried and mostly achieved unbiased explanations, creating and describing the two separated areas of Belfast. I would recommend the tour to anyone seeking an insight into “The Troubles”. This story has some time to run before a solution is worked through. Thank you to Eugene and Mark in sharing their stories. Also loved the earpieces.

Belfast: Political Conflict 3-Hour Walking Tour Reviewed by Heather, 24/09/2019

Very interesting to get the two versions of a modern conflict

It was very interesting to learn about the conflict from people who actually lived it. We learned a lot about the complexity of the situation and the consequences of the conflict in the daily life of people in Belfast. We were far from imagining this. However better to have a very good English level as the Irish accent is not easy to understand when you are not used to it.

Belfast: Political Conflict 3-Hour Walking Tour Reviewed by Anonymous, 05/10/2019