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Incredible scenery and experience, highlight was the desert!

This trip especially the night in the desert was an amazing experience. A well organised tour, such great value and even with a lot of driving (understandable to get to desert), the views and landscapes were incredible the whole way. There were some great stops! Some tips.. Lunch: sometimes overpriced, instead - eat nearby or bring own food/stock up at the mini marts. Ait Ben Haiddou: tour guide is OPTIONAL but not free (30dh), when you arrive a guide tries to whisk you away but we told both the guide & driver that the itinerary says we can do a self-guided tour (much better), make sure to ask driver when/where to meet after and get good directions to the entrance or follow behind others then freely explore on your own. Hotel Bougafer: good value, make sure to lock the balcony doors Bring or buy a scarf for the desert. Enjoy it, don't compare standards, it's an unforgettable unique experience. Mohammed was a great driver, funny and gave an interesting insight into Moroccan culture.

Marrakech to Merzouga 3-Day Desert Safari Reviewed by May, 24/03/2019

Great experience - only for healthy/rather fit people

I have to keep it short as its limited characters, here my tips: day 1) pick up at the square in case you live in the medina. Stops every 1.5-2h for toilets, drive though atlas mountains curvy so be prepared. First stop in berber villiage very sunny, so bring hat. They make you buy a "sahra pass" so the scarf for around the head for the desert. There are several options, but its worth buying and it does not get that much cheaper after that. First Hotel is quite fancy - with A/C and pool - bring bikni! day 2) Little walk though some fields with some kids that keep walking behind you selling some stuff. first that was cute, then it gets annoying. Be prepared. Then they bring you to where you get your camels - last chance to buy water for the night. There is again a pool to swim. Then camel ride - 20 mins, not 1h. The tents are ok, there are real toilets (shared) and running (stinking) water, but enought to wash off the sand. Sleeping in field beds. last day: drive back 8h

Marrakech to Merzouga 3-Day Desert Safari Reviewed by Anonymous, 16/06/2019

Basic and a bit touristy, but well organized and worth it

This tour exceeded my expectations. It is indeed touristy, and the stops on the first day get a bit frustrating in that regard because of the constant moving along and upselling, but otherwise it was extremely well organized and you're going for the Sahara anyway and they certainly deliver on that. Our driver was fantastic and got us everywhere early or on time. The hotel the first night is old but pretty decent and the desert camp was pretty nice for what we thought we'd get. Sand boarding was awesome. Lots of group bonding as well with good people. The guides were actually very good and I greatly appreciated their work. Dont buy anything at the stops--they really over charge and there's places elsewhere you can get the same stuff cheaper. Lunches are expensive and with the exception of the last day, not so good. but there's nothing else so not a lot of other options to choose from.

Marrakech to Merzouga 3-Day Desert Safari Reviewed by Anonymous, 26/02/2019

Beautiful Trip to get out of the busy city.

We had a lovely trip to the Sahara Desert. Besides the long drive in the bus (who would have guessed that) this tour was an experience I never want to miss. The stops on our way to Merzouga were nice and it was exciting to visit Ait Ben Haddout, the home of scenes from TV shows like Game of Thrones and Movies like Indiana Jones and to visit a Berber house, where we could ask them any questions about their lifes. But the absolute favorite part was the Desert camp where we spent the last night. We didn't get a lot of sleep because of the cold temperatures, but the absolutely beautiful sunset and the stunning night sky (we had newmoon, more stars then we can count) were worth it. The camp itself was simple but nice, we had a small bathroom to share and private tents and the dinner we had there was one of the best we had in Marrakech.

Marrakech to Merzouga 3-Day Desert Safari Reviewed by Anonymous, 12/03/2019

Beautiful experience but upgrade to luxetent is neccesary

We loved the trip and the organisation that does the camelride and the actual activity in the Sahara was perfect! Although an upgrade to a life tent is necessary to get a bit of comfort. I heard story's about the base camp and after a bit of a sandstorm during our camelride, we were happy that we could shower and sleep in a nice bed. It is quit a long trip though, but we knew it before we booked this. But prepare yourself for sitting in a bus for a loooooong time! I could however recommend the organisation to buy busses with more space. It was not really comfortable to sit in the minivan for such a long time as my knees were always hitting the backseat in front of me. Overall nice experience, interesting guides and nice activities during the trip towards El Chebbi.

Marrakech to Merzouga 3-Day Desert Safari Reviewed by Aya, 03/06/2019