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Phnom Penh's Ultimate Food Tour, Drinks & Tuk Tuk Included

1. Phnom Penh's Ultimate Food Tour, Drinks & Tuk Tuk Included

Looking for an unforgettable culinary experience in Phnom Penh? Our resident local foodie guide will collect you from your hotel in our tuk tuk and whisk you off to our first stop, a Cambodian noodle dish, dating back to the 13th century, served up by third generation local cooks in front of their house. We then take you to a ma and pa shop, streets side to sample 2 of the most quintessential Cambodian Street foods. Moving across the city we swing by for a snack and cold beer at small resto run by a young local couple who made good using social media. Heading down to explore the famous Russian Market Area, we enjoy a guided walk followed by the most delicious, smoky, sticky, sweet pork ribs in the capital. The owner even set up a 'chef's table' for us so we can watch all the action close up. We then head over to our main event at a family run restaurant where we will enjoy a banquet of dishes with locals, enjoying a live local band. Dessert is street side, our grandma and grandpa have been sitting at the same spot every evening for decades packing our succulent, sweet coconut dessert. Finally we head to a hidden garden to enjoy a creative cocktail, inspired by local Cambodian flavors. You can then chose to stay on, get dropped off anywhere in the city or back to your hotel, the night is yours! Come hungry!

Phnom Penh Street Art & Morning Market Tour by Tuk Tuk

2. Phnom Penh Street Art & Morning Market Tour by Tuk Tuk

Experience the magic of Cambodia's capital city as it comes to life! We believe the best time to explore the local markets is in the morning, and we'd love for you to join us! We'll start by picking you up from your central hotel and taking you to our favorite local market, where you will be treated to a guided tour and your first scrumptious breakfast of the day (come hungry!). We'll also introduce you to local snacks and educate you on the often under-represented food culture of Cambodia. After breakfast, we'll forage through the streets of Phnom Penh in search of the Kingdom's finest hidden murals, and street art on a curated tour. There's been a prominent street art scene developing in the Kingdom for the past decade, part of the country's cultural renaissance. We'll visit over 40 different murals around the city and our guides will help you understand the cultural significance of the murals and how they express social commentary. We'll stop curbside for breakfast #2 with the local university crowd before our final stop - a thank you surprise. This tour is perfect for everyone, whether you're an art enthusiast or simply curious about the hidden gems of Phnom Penh and would like to get a little further under her skin. And the best part? All transport, guide, food and drinks are included, and we can cater to most special diets or allergies - just let us know in advance!

Phnom Penh City Tour by Tuk-Tuk

3. Phnom Penh City Tour by Tuk-Tuk

Evening Tour by Tuk-Tuk You will experience the beautiful sights of Phnom Penh city lit up at night. - Independence Monument - King Father Statue, - Diamond Island - Wat Phnom Temple - The Tallest Building - Lights along the Riverside - Foody Places - Dinner at local restaurant (you can choose your favorite place) - Night Market The tour can be starting at 6pm. Time can be adjusted to suit you, and it will takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Alternative Tour to Silk Farm, SilverSmith Village and Udong

4. Alternative Tour to Silk Farm, SilverSmith Village and Udong

After crossing the Tonle Sap (river) by bridge, stop at the impressive Golden Temple and then cross the mighty Mekong by ferry to reach Silk Island. Silk Island, known as Koh Dach, gets its name due to the silk production on the island. We will spend time exploring the island, seeing local people at work, with the opportunity to talk to them and learn about life on the island. Local women weave silk scarves and skirts in the shade of their houses and export to the marketplace in Phnom Penh. The handmade goods are also for sale on the island. Spend an hour or more inside a Silk farm seeing and learning about silk production from the silk worm, silk worm food, cocoons, silk thread and silk production, as well as relaxing in the gardens on the farm and along the Mekong river. From Silk Island to Udong is about an hour by very comfortable road. You will see a village where original people make jewellery from silver and copper. After that, you will see the biggest Buddhist centre at the foothill before cliaming up the mountains of 300 steps. There are 5 original stupas on the top of the mountain. Once you reach the top, you will see a beautiful landscape and a Buddha stupa where the local paying repect to buddha relics and more ten thousands statues underground. The four other stupas are King's properties and ashes of different generations of kings. Returning to Phnom Penh, we will take approximately 90 minutes, and we will seek out some hidden street art before going back to your hotel. This tour is approximately 8 hours.

Tonle Sap Cruise & Road Tour between Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

5. Tonle Sap Cruise & Road Tour between Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

Benefit from pickup at your hotel in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap to start your full-day cruise/road tour along the Tonle Sap River or Mekong Rivers and experience the beauty of the landscape from a different perspective.  Journey by cruiser designed to navigate the challenging waterway with ease. Get a welcome drink on boarding and enjoy a barbecue lunch or vegetarian and soft drinks, , cold water, beers served on board as you sail. Benefit from the unique double hull that allows the boat to travel closer to the riverbanks and explore the narrow waterways along the way. the river twists and turns as rivers do,some of the sights seen may include water buffalo swimming to stay cool,children going or coming from school in the small boats, fishing folks and floating homes and businesses, children playing and swimming nearer the banks, all in all a fascinating look into the unique way of life along the river, along our cruise we will stop at a riverside village as our guide can explain about life on the river, we will also dock at the most famous silversmith workshop in Cambodia, fine craftsmen at work producing the finest silver jewellery that is favored by the Royal family. if time permits we will also tour the nearby pergola, travel the rest of the journey in the luxury of a private air-conditioned minivan, with special stops along the way, and take in the stunning scenery as you drive through pristine countryside and the traditional rural villages surrounding Tonle Sap Lake. Experience the unique river and rural life on land. we expect to have you at your hotel and final destination by 4.30pm.

Phnom Penh: Culinary Underground Local Food Tuk-Tuk Tour

6. Phnom Penh: Culinary Underground Local Food Tuk-Tuk Tour

Embark on a journey to discover the local food culture of Cambodia. Enjoy views of some of Phnom Penh’s best-known landmarks, such as the Independence Monument, as you zoom across the city in a tuk-tuk. Meet your guide outside your hotel or residence and hop aboard the tuk-tuk. First stop, enjoy fresh rice noodles topped with traditional sauce and fresh herbs.  Following this, take a seat on the floor and learn about Cambodia's turbulent history over curry and a banana leaf salad. Third stop, pull up a plastic chair at this popular local spot for some crushed eggplant and Cambodia's famous prahok. Learn also about the importance of rice in Cambodian cuisine. Lastly, feast on a selection of meats roasted in a ceramic jar over an open fire. Finally, sink a local craft beer or cocktail at a rooftop bar. At the end of the tour, bid farewell to the guide and the tuk-tuk will drop you back at your hotel, or wherever you like within the city.

From Phnom Penh: Oudong Stupas & Silver Smith Village

7. From Phnom Penh: Oudong Stupas & Silver Smith Village

At 08:00 AM, your Euro Khmer guide will pick you up from your Phnom Penh hotel or guesthouse and drive you to Oudong – home to various temples and three large stupas (places of prayer) The city, now a UNESO World Heritage Site, was home to a succession of kings – you can view the phials at the three stupas. The city’s most impressive structure is the Vihara of the 18-Cubut Buddha. 30 meter high, it is just about survived first the American bombings and the brutal regime of the Khmer Rogue. On the way back to city center, you will have a set lunch at the local restaurant (your own pay). Heading back to Phnom Penh, stop at the silver smith village of Kompong Luong.

Full Day Tuk Tuk: City,Bambootrain,Temples Killing&Bat Caves

8. Full Day Tuk Tuk: City,Bambootrain,Temples Killing&Bat Caves

1. Battambang Province: Full day Tuk Tuk tour departure at 8:30am. I will pick up you at 8:20am from your accommodations or restaurants. After that I will have a short introduction of myself and love to share with you about history, culture, religion, agriculture, folk tales and some main tips of Cambodia and Battambang. Then, you will see some main beautiful historical buildings, central market, provincial hall and the symbol statute of Battambang (Ta Dambong Kranhoung). (60 minutes) 2. khmer rice noodle factory: After seeing and learning this beautiful city, we head to see where Khmer rice noodle has being made by local, Khmer rice noodle is a famous food for breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of others Khmer dishes. You can try it as well. (30 minutes) Donation included 3. Bamboo sticky rice production: This place you can see the locals cook bamboo sticky rice. it is prepared as a dessert or a sweet snack known as bamboo sticky rice. Bamboo sticky rice is still retain the reputation of quality and delicious taste from the past to the present for local people and tourists. (30 minutes) 4. Wat samrong knong: This is the oldest Buddhist temple called Wat Samrong Knong, that was built in 1707. There is also a beautiful brick stupa was built in 1887. During the Khmer Rouge regime of April 1975 to January 1979, the pagoda was used to house Khmer Rouge soldiers and also served as a detention area for their victims. Not far from the temple you will see the torture house and killing field where approximately 10,008 victims were killed. (45minutes) Donation included 5. Rice paper production: After this, we are going to see rice paper that is used for making the famous and delicious spring rolls. In this village, some families still make it for a living. thus, villagers get up early morning to make it until late afternoon. They can make it at least 1500 a day. (30 minutes) 6. Rice wine production: After a short ride from rice paper production place, we have another stop to see how to make rice wine where has been processing since 1980s and you will try some as well. This original drop of liquor could be used to serve the medication purposes as well by soaking some plants, fruits, and even poisonous animals like cobra, tarantula.. (30 minutes) Admission included 7. Ek phnom Temples: Here you will see a 25m high giant Buddha that surrounded by standing Buddha statues either side. Then, you walk to the beautiful Buddhist temple that was built in 1991. You can also go inside to see Buddha story on the wall. Next to this temple is another ancient Hindu temple ruins directly ahead. It’s an Angkorian Hindu temple was built in the 11th century under the rule of king Suryavarman I. (30 minutes) Admission ticket included 8. Lunch time: Now, we are going back to the city for Lunch or relax at the hotel for a while before starting the tour again to the bamboo train. (45-60 minutes) Not included 9. Bamboo Train Ou Srauo Laou: Before ridding on original bamboo train, the guide will take you to see beautiful villages, fruits plantations, rice fields, suspension bridge, local people living and stop to talk with farmers. After that we go to the bamboo train, you will ride on it and you have to pay (5$ per person) and get a free butt massage from the movement, and you will see beautiful landscape along the way. ( 2 hours 15 minutes ) Admission Ticket Not Included 10. Phnom Sampou:(Killing cave) Before arriving, you will see and test K F R (Rat barbecue) At Phnom Sampou,(you can either walk, take mortor taxi or take a pickup truck). On the mountain you will see Killing Cave and the time of the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979) where over 10 thousand victims were killed. After seeing the caves, we will go up to see one of the highlights in Battambang, some temples and viewpoints on the summit of the mountain. (2 hours) Admission Ticket Included 11. Bat cave: After seeing a lot of viewpoints on the hill, we come down to wait and see millions wrinkle-leap bats flying out from the cave, taking over 50mn in the evening. At the last, we go back to the hotel. (1 hours) Admission Ticket Included My WhatsApp:+85593737304

Phnom Penh: Morning Market & Guided Breakfast Tour by Tuktuk

9. Phnom Penh: Morning Market & Guided Breakfast Tour by Tuktuk

Discover hidden neighborhoods, sip on some local coffee, and eat all of our favorites on this morning market & breakfast tour by tuktuk. Our experience goes beyond the usual market and street food samples to shine a light into local life that can still be found hiding in Phnom Penh. We'll make 6 stops which include a lot of food and drinks at a selection of sit-down restaurants, street-food stalls, a local market, and a cafe. Here's what we'll do: You will be picked up at your hotel by tuktuk and whisked away to our favorite local neighborhoods around Phnom Penh for an authentic experience. Coffee & Noodles: Start your morning at a favorite local hang-out that’s been serving the neighborhood breakfast for over 15 years. Sip on a selection of local coffee served alongside a bowl of savory noodle soup. Local Wet Market: Stroll through a bustling open-air wet market, try what’s in-season, and walk away with a handmade souvenir…on us! Along the way, meet Sister Mao who sources freshly grown herbs to create her own fresh curry paste. Pork & Rice: Visit Brother Salin and his family-run shop that serves up a classic Khmer breakfast. We’ll grab a plastic chair and sit street-side for some freshly grilled pork & rice served with homemade pickles and a rich bowl of soup. Savory Turmeric Crepes: These popular savory crepes are made with rice milk and turmeric, which give them their vibrant yellow color. Then they’re stuffed with ground pork, bean sprouts, and dried shrimp before we wrap them by hand with lettuce and local herbs. Don’t forget the homemade dipping sauce! Award-Winning Coffee: Finish with a signature coffee recipe that won this hip cafe the National Barista Gold Medal in Cambodia! The tour will end at the cafe, which is within walking distance to the Russian Market. Your guide can suggest how to get to your next destination.

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap cruise/road tour (one way)

10. Phnom Penh to Siem Reap cruise/road tour (one way)

Climb aboard the mekong tara prince, mekong explorer or tonle sap tara, as we set sail between the 2 major cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh or phnom penh to siem reap, on this unique cruise/road tour for a full-day river and road tour with stops en route and great guides all the way hotel to hotel we travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap daily, also we travel from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh daily,so both ways,service. Sail north along the Tonle Sap River, passing floating villages, fishing boats, stilted homes, and a large village of the indigenous Cham people, a stop along the way to explore a riverside village, we can go either up the Mekong River,or up the Tonle Sap river, we will use the best route possible on the day, both ways will be approx 4 to 5 hour cruise, on the way we can see water buffalo grazing by the water, or swimming to keep cool, children playing, life on the river goes at a different pace to that on land ,so relax and enjoy the sights and sounds, as we slowly navigate the numerous rivers and canals our staff will, as part of this cruise serve both drinks and lunch along the way, with the cool river breezes and the stress free travel, this is a unique way to travel, and certainly only few will experience, we believe the journey is just as important as the destination, and certainly daily life on the rivers and lakes are totally different to the life on land. We will have a stop at the silver smiths workshop (Srey Oun) , this is the most famous place to buy Cambodian fine silver at whole sale prices, favored by the Khmer Royalty, you can see how the fine pieces of Jewelry are made, its a very interesting place, we also will visit the Pergola there if time permits, our air-conditioned SUV or mini van, will be waiting to than start the road tour into Siem Reap, along the way we can stop at places of interest, comfort stops and snacks and taking you direct to your hotel, we expect to arrive at your hotel at approx 4 pm, so total of 8.5 hours hotel to hotel.

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You need a strong heart for this trip. The sights and locations are in very very poor regions. It's an amazing UNESCO sight with a very very strong culture. A very unique experience. The guide was nice but definitely on a tight script. Organized and great transportation. But, brace yourself the areas are in bad shape. On another note it would be half the price to go yourself but not as safe or informed.

We loved this activity. We tried new dishes in a restaurant that we most likely would not have entered otherwise. Very interesting to know the Cambodian culture through its gastronomy. The great guide. The tour is highly recommended.