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Dresden: Gala Concert in the Dresden Zwinger

1. Dresden: Gala Concert in the Dresden Zwinger

Experience an evening in the Dresden Zwinger in Classical style and let pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven and other famous composers of the era enchant you. Decide which performance of which composer's pieces you'd like to hear and enjoy masterpieces of classic, spirited polkas at a concert of waltz dreams or hear Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Program 2021/2022 Winter Dreams Music of Spring - all shows start at 5:00 PM Waltz Dreams – all shows start at 5:00 PM Vivaldi - The Four Seasons Masterpieces of Classics - all shows start at 5:00 PM Viennese Classical Arts - all shows start at 5:00 PM Summer Nights - all shows start at 5:00 PM Autumn Colors - all shows start at 5:00 PM Russian Dreams Italian Night Mozart's A Little Night Music Mozart's A Little Night Music

Dresden City Card for 1-3 Days

2. Dresden City Card for 1-3 Days

Use the Dresden City Card to explore the capital of Saxony - experience the city's culture, enjoy leisure activities and concert performances, or dine in a restaurant. Take advantage of free transportation on the local buses, trams, and S-Bahn, as well as discounts on many more tourist offers including museums, sightseeing tours, concerts, theater shows, dining, and shopping. Museums and Exhibitions Dresden Transport Museum (-1,00 EUR) Dresden City Museum (-1,00 EUR) Carl-Maria-von-Weber Museum (-1,00 EUR) Schillerhäuschen (free) Asisi Panometer (-1,50 EUR) Sightseeing and City Tours City Sightseeing Tour with 22 stops (-2,00 EUR) Comedy Tour Dresden (-7,00 EUR) Segway Tour Dresden (-10,00 EUR) Tour of the Semperoper (Dresden opera house) (-1,00 EUR) Tours by Dresden Information (-2,00 EUR) Concerts and Theater Herkuleskeule (-10%) Staatsschauspiel (-10%) Dresden Frauenkirche (-20%) Leisure Activities in Dresden Dresden Zoo (-1,00 EUR) Dresden Suspension Railway (-1,50 EUR) Ticket to the top of the Frauenkirche dome (-2,00 EUR) You will also receive reductions in some restaurants around Dresden.

Dresden: Semperoper Guided Tour for Families

3. Dresden: Semperoper Guided Tour for Families

During this guided tour created specifically for families, the Semperoper opera house welcomes young and old alike to get to know this important destination in Dresden together.  Parents and children are invited to ask any questions they may have about Semperopera, its history, and its secrets. What does a normal day look like in an opera house with a new performance each day? Experience the special atmosphere of one of the most beautiful and prestigious opera houses in the world, promising a truly luxurious experience for the whole family. A visit to the Semperoper is a must for every visitor of Dresden.

Dresden Regio Card for 1, 2, or 3 Days

4. Dresden Regio Card for 1, 2, or 3 Days

Explore the capital of Saxony the easy way with the Dresden Regio Card. Experience the culture and leisure, concerts and restaurants of the city. Take advantage of free travel on local buses, trams, and trains in Dresden and the surrounding area as well as discounts at museums and other tourist attractions such as bus tours, walking tours, concerts, theatre, gastronomy, and shopping. Choose between the Dresden Regio Card and the Regio Card Plus for individuals or families. Examples of discounts: Museums and exhibitions Dresden Transport Museum (- €1) Dresden City Museum (- €1) Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Museum (- €1) Schiller Pavilion (free) Asisi Panometer Dresden (-€1.50) Many more City tours Bus tour with 22 stops (- €2) Comedy Tour Dresden (- €7) Tour of the Semperoper Dresden (- €1.00) Tasty Dresden – Culinary Guided Tour (- €1) Walking tour of the Dresden Information (- €2) Concerts and theatre Herkuleskeule (-10%) Staatsschauspiel (-10%) Dresden Frauenkirche (-20%) Many more Leisure activities in Dresden Dresden Zoo (- €1) Dresden Suspension Railway (- €1.50) Dresden Frauenkirche Tower (- €2) Many more Leisure activities in the region Karl-May-Museum Radebeul (- €0.50) Wackerbarth Castle wine tour (-10%) Guided tour of Meissen (- €1.50) Radebeul–Radeburg railway (-50%) Kirnitzschtal tramway (-50%) Lessing Museum Kamenz (- €1.50) Many more You also receive discounts on dining options. You can also purchase the Dresden Regio Card Plus for 2 days. This includes additional discounts for the Dresden State Art Collections. Dresden Regio Card Plus Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (- €10) Dresden Porcelain Collection (- €6) Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments (- €6) New Green Vault (- €12) Turkish Chamber (- €12) Dresden Armory (- €12) Coin Cabinet (- €12) Collection of Prints, Drawings and Photographs (- €12) Hausmannsturm (- €12) Galerie Neue Meister (- €10) Sculpture Collection (- €10) Exhibition hall of the Lipsiusbau (- €5) Dresden Museum of Ethnology (free) Museum of Saxon Folk Art and Puppet Theatre Collection (- €5) Wine Experience World Meissen (-10%)

Böttger the Alchemist: 1-Hour Guided Tour in Dresden

5. Böttger the Alchemist: 1-Hour Guided Tour in Dresden

Experience Barokkokko’s unique entertainment program, which successfully combines performance and drama where guests are removed from their passive roles and become part of the production themselves. Johann Friedrich Böttger has been looking forward to the experience for a long time and at last he may introduce a hand-picked group of participants to the highest science of mankind. The grumpy alchemist already feels like a real professor and gives his “students” tremendously useful advice on how to handle the foodstuffs by using various instruments and preserving meticulous laboratory conditions. It seems Böttger has already been eagerly engaged in researching the effects of mercury, arsenic, and lead, and now conducts his lectures with a slight moronic confusion. This can only be a good thing! Böttger is generally credited with discovering the secrets of the creation of porcelain in Europe. He can only refer to the legend himself and disclose the real motives for the discovery of the porcelain recipe. You experience a unique performance of mysterious incantations, leaving even the young potter pale-faced. As one of the most famous prisoners of Saxony (or as he calls himself, a member of the passionate club behind bars), Johann Friedrich naturally has a wealth of experience with the prisoners that were locked up with the black sheep of the alchemist guild. He can therefore leave a creepy shiver up the spines of his guests and knows how to tell some of the weirdest alchemist jokes.

Dresden: 1.5-Hour Historical Costume Tour

6. Dresden: 1.5-Hour Historical Costume Tour

Experience an extraordinary costume tour and enjoy an exciting journey through time – just make sure that you do not commit a court faux pas. Let the “Prime Minister of Saxony” Heinrich von Brühl or his wife take you on an entertaining journey through time to the city of Dresden in the 18th century. Gain an unforgettable insight into life at the Court of Augustus the Strong and his son. Count or Countess von Brühl will not rest until you have mastered their courtly manners and know how to behave properly at court.

Dresden: Guided Bus Tour to Stollen Bakery with Tasting

7. Dresden: Guided Bus Tour to Stollen Bakery with Tasting

Discover the Dresden Christstollen baking tradition on this tour and tasting at a traditional stollen bakery. Find out everything about the production of the Christmas specialty directly in the show bakery with a stollen baker. From downtown Dresden, start in a heated double-decker towards the west of the city to stollenbäcker (stollen baker) Emil Reimann's stollen bakery. On the way, listen as Emil entertains you with interesting details about the world-famous Dresden Christmas biscuits. Enjoy a little culinary introduction when you get on the bus. Arrive at the Emil Reimann show bakery and get served various samples of different stollen variations. Try the different types, such as the classic raisin stollen, almond stollen, or poppy seed stollen. With your tasting, also enjoy a cup of Scheelchen Heeßes, coffee from the in-house roastery. Before going back to the city center on the double-decker, get enough time to purchase your personally preferred original Dresdner stollen. Take advantage of special prices at one of the most traditional Dresden bakeries. 

Dresden: Advent Concert in the Zwinger

8. Dresden: Advent Concert in the Zwinger

Enjoy an atmospheric evening in the Dresdner Zwinger and hear interpretations of Classical pieces by the Dresden Residenz Orchestra on each of the 4 Sundays of Advent. Enjoy the most beautiful Classical pieces and Christmas melodies by Bach, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky in the Baroque ambience of the Dresdner Zwinger. While away the days before Christmas with an enchanting performance of emotionally charged compositions the whole family will enjoy.

Dresden: 1.5-Hour Guided Tour of Pillnitz Castle

9. Dresden: 1.5-Hour Guided Tour of Pillnitz Castle

The Countess von Brühl will greet you at the "Alte Wache" or Old Guardhouse and will then explain civilized etiquette to get you ready for the evening's formal ball. After the drink the ladies of status begin their tour, taking you to the starting point of all festivities: the Riverside Palace. The Venetian gondolas moor here, from which the guests emerge before they indulge in lavish feasts, masquerade balls, theater performances, illuminations, and much more. In the pleasure garden between the Upper Palace and the Riverside Palace, the Countess bestows a deep insight into the subtle art of Baroque society games and reminisces about the bygone festivities. However, they stop for a moment when entering the palace garden. In the shadows of the colossal hedges, the cloak of secrecy is lifted to reveal the secrets to the art of female communication with a handheld fan. With the certainty of being able to hold your own in front of the women at the court, you'll walk through the conifer garden and enjoy the highlights of the French, English, Dutch, and Chinese garden culture. The tour continues on to uncover one or two more secrets to the Baroque art of seduction, before concluding in the elegant Fliederhof, a courtyard of lilacs that will be sure to please your senses. The tour ends with the presentation of a letter of recommendation.


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Die Führung war sehr interessant gestaltet und sehr informativ. Einen Besuch der Semperoper sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen!

Very well organized under the special circumstances - great concert, very committed young musicians - great

great tour with a very enthusiastic and smart guide ! i really do recommend it

Very experienced guide. Interesting facts and figures. Fun to listen to.

Everything easy to get to and use, friendly staff on ship.