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From Hanoi: 2-Day Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour

1. From Hanoi: 2-Day Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour

The western side of the waterfall is owned by Vietnam, while the eastern side is claimed by China. As a result, indigenous ethnic communities in the Ban Gioc Waterfall area contribute a great range of cultural traditions. Day 1: Hanoi – Dong Khe - Nguom Ngao cave (Meal: L, D) 6:30 – 7:00: Pick up from the hotel in the Ha Noi Old Quarter. 7:15: Depart to Ban Gioc Waterfall – one of the four waterfalls located between 2 countries, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. 11:00: Arrive in Đong Khe town - It was the site of the First Indochina War. 12:45 -13:00 You will have lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, continue the journey to Nguom Ngao Cave (Tiger Cave). And then get back on the bus and keep journeying to the hotel near Ban Gioc waterfall - Cao Bang province 16:30: Check-in the hotel and relax. 18:30: Have dinner at the hotel. Overnight in the hotel. Day 2: Ban Gioc Waterfall – Mat Than Mountain – Hanoi (Meal: B, L) 7:00: Have breakfast and check-out the hotel. 7:45: The driver and guide pick you up from the hotel to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall (one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world). 11:00: Come back to the bus to visit Mat Than Mountain (Thung Mountain, which is located in Quang Uyen District). . 13:00: Have lunch at local restaurant in Quang Uyen District, Cao Bang. After lunch, you will get on the bus to come back to Hanoi. 19:00: Arrive in Hanoi.

From Hanoi: Ha Giang Loop 4-Night 4-Day Tour. All inclusive

2. From Hanoi: Ha Giang Loop 4-Night 4-Day Tour. All inclusive

Night 1: Hanoi to Ha Giang by Sleeper Bus 19:30: Meets at Charming Travel - 31 Lo Su, Hoan Kiem. 20:30: Sleeper Bus to Ha Giang. Check into Ha Giang homestay around 03:30 for a nap and breakfast! Day 1: Nam Dam Village – King HMong Palace – Dong Van Town Highlights: Chin Khoanh Pass – H’mong King Palace Transport: Motorbike with easy rider 140 km – Meal: B, L, D – Sleep in Hotel in central Dong Van Towards Dong Van, Chin Khoanh Pass, home to major geo-heritage site Dong Van Karst Plateau. With endless rice fields, limestone rocks and breath-taking views. Visit Hmong King’s Palace, the home of Vuong’s family in Sa Phin. Day 2: Dong Van Town – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Nho Que River – Du Gia Local Village Highlights: Nho Que River – Happiness road – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Sky Walk – Meo Vac Town Transport: Motorbike with easy rider 120 Km – Meal: B,L,D – Sleep in local homestay in Du Gia Local village Ma Pi Leng Pass. With an altitude of 2,000 meters, “king” of the passes in Vietnam. Trek Sky Path to have a closer look at the whole valley and Nho Que river Drive to Meo Vac, Mau Due and Lung Ho Stay Du Gia rural homestay for a delicious family dinner and “Happy Water” (local rice wine). Day 3: Ha Giang City – Thon Tha Village – Lung Khuy Cave – Nam Dam Village Highlights: Thon Tha Village – Bac Sum Pass – Heaven Gate – Lung Khuy Cave – Nam Dam Village Transport: Motorbike with easy rider 120 Km. – Meal: B, L, D – Homestay in Nam Dam Village Meet Ha Giang easy rider at 8:30. First stop Thon Tha village, surrounded by incredible mountains and rice fields. Next Bac Sum Pass, up to Heaven Gate. Visit Lung Khuy Cave for beautiful views of the countryside. Day 4: Du Gia Village - Lung Tam Village - Ha Giang - Hanoi Highlights: Morning nature – Swimming in Waterfall- Lung Tam village Transport: Motorbike with easy rider 95 km. Limousine bus to Hanoi – Meal: B, L Visit Lung Tam village, H’mong ethnic women skillfully textile products. Finally, Nam Dam village to spend first nightwth Dzao ethnic culture. Arrive Ha Giang late afternoon, before getting the 15:30 Comfort Limousine bus back to Hanoi. Arrive in Hanoi Old Quarter about 23:00.

Pu Luong 2 days 1 night - sale off 20%

3. Pu Luong 2 days 1 night - sale off 20%

DAY 1: HA NOI - PU LUONG - CAVE TREKKING 7:00: Pick-up at Hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter to go to Pu Luong Nature Reserve 10:00: Short break (Outside of Hanoi) 11:30: Arrival in Pu Luong and Check in at the accommodation 12:00: Taking a rest. Have lunch with local delicious food and enjoy some free time to acquaint yourself with nature. 1:00 : Trek 6 Kms (3 hours) inside the Pu Luong Nature Reserve ( Trails and trek is suitable for everyone) . Follow the small roads through the rice terraces to visit the remote rural villages of Black Thai Minorities to discover the local lifestyle and explore Kho Muong local Cave which is the largest natural unspoiled cave in Pu Luong. Definitely you will be surprised at its beauty 19:30: Enjoy dinner with new delicious dishes and cooking lession 21:00: Time to rest after an active day and do the overnight in Pu Luong DAY 2: PU LUONG - BAMBOO RAFTING - TREKKING - HA NOI 7: 30 : Have breakfast at Homestay. Enjoying the breathtaking view from the lodge 8:30: Board the car to the trekking point and start a medium or easy trek. From there, follow the small road, trail through the rice fields and do bamboo rafting on the river and see local giant water wheels that will definitely be a feeling of enjoyment.Then enjoy lunch and free time relaxing in the swimming pool before going back to Hanoi 13:30 : Board the bus to go back to Hanoi 18:00- 18:30 : Arrive in Ha Noi. Drop tourists off at hotel, End 2 days of Pu Luong trip. Thank you and hope you feel enjoyable about the trip.

Hanoi: Food, Culture, Sight and Fun Army Jeep Tour

4. Hanoi: Food, Culture, Sight and Fun Army Jeep Tour

Tour Hanoi in a vintage GAZ-69, the classic Army jeep from the 50s and 60s during the Soviet Era. Go on a journey through the city’s many neighborhoods and get to know the Hanoi of the past and of today with a private or shared guide. Start off with pickup at your hotel or at a meeting point in Hanoi Old Quarter. Get a safety briefing from your guide before driving off on an adventure. Begin by diving straight into the labyrinth of backstreets and tiny alleyways to find out what everyday life in Hanoi is really like. Get an honest and authentic insight into the good, the bad, and the weird sides of the city. Next, drive past and visit the must-see sights, including Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the centuries-old Buddhist and Taoist temples of Tran Quoc, the Temple of Literature, the historical train-street, the enchanting French Quarter, the Old Quarter, the romantic West Lake and Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House and the famous Long Bien Bridge. On the final part of your Hanoi Jeep tour, escape the bustling city to the peaceful and alluring villages around West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. Experience first-hand how such contrasting lifestyles can co-exist between the city center and the outskirts. Find hidden tranquil spots beyond the thousands of skyscrapers. Along the way, stop at local restaurants, eateries and food stalls to savor the tastiest dishes Hanoi has to offer. Sample authentic dishes with secret recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Pedaling Through Hanoi's Hidden Gems and Banana Island

5. Pedaling Through Hanoi's Hidden Gems and Banana Island

Hi friends! My name is Sang and I invite you to join me on a wonderful bike tour through Hanoi. I'll take you for a spin and show you Hanoi like you otherwise never experience! We will approximately cover 10 km or 6 miles and visit some of Hanoi's most iconic and inspiring locations. The tour is safe and for all fitness levels! I am passionate about sports, culture, and anything out of the ordinary, whether it be people, things, or concepts. In my free time, I enjoy taking my road bike to explore the greater Hanoi area. I have lived and worked in Hanoi as a local tour guide and storyteller for as long as I can remember. I can't wait to share my passion for Hanoi and my love for cycling with you! Hop on and join the ride Highlights: Visit hidden gem learn more about the daily life of the local people. Join the bustling traffic in Hanoi Discovering Hanoi is very different from tourist destinations Visit hidden area like banana island Enjoying traditional Vietnamese food Itynerary: You will move to the pre-arranged location in the tour I have set up to choose suitable bikes The cycling schedule around Hanoi that you mentioned covers some of the popular tourist spots in and around the city. Here's a brief overview of each location: Banana Island: Located on the West Lake, Banana Island is a small island that can be reached by a short boat ride. It's a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, with lush greenery and a beautiful view of the lake. Long Bien Bridge: This historic bridge spans the Red River and was built by the French in 1903. It's a popular spot for photography and offers a stunning view of the river and the surrounding area. Old Quarter: The Old Quarter is the heart of Hanoi and is known for its narrow streets, ancient temples, and bustling markets. It's a great place to experience the city's vibrant street life and sample local street food. Train Street: Located in the Old Quarter, Train Street is a narrow street that has a railway track running through it. Visitors can watch as the train passes through the street, just inches away from the houses and shops on either side. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: The mausoleum is the final resting place of Vietnam's revered leader, Ho Chi Minh. It's a grand building made of marble and granite, and visitors can view his embalmed body inside. Lake B52: This lake is named after an American B-52 bomber that crashed into it during the Vietnam War and you can sit and chat with the locals people. Today, it's a peaceful spot where locals come to fish and relax. Finally, we will have lunch with local dishes such as Bun Cha, Banh Mi, Pho Cuon, Pho,.... Cycling around these locations is a great way to see Hanoi and experience its culture and history. However, it's important to be aware of traffic and road conditions, and to wear appropriate safety gear while cycling.

Hanoi Old Quarter & Red River Delta Cycling Tour

6. Hanoi Old Quarter & Red River Delta Cycling Tour

The ultimate Hanoi Old Quarter & Red River Delta 1/2 day cycling tour. Morning tour commences at 8.00am till 12pm / Afternoon tour commences at 1.30pm am till 5.30pm Meet up at 7:45am or 13:15am at our office located at 20 Hang Muoi Street for a brief introduction of the trip as well as safety instructions on how to navigate safely through Hanoi on a bicycle. We set off towards the famous Street Murals, along the Train Street and our journey starts. On this cycling tour we will take you through the most interesting parts and markets of the Old Quarter. Our ride will take us through some very old street so you can get a real feel of how life has been here for centuries. We continue along beautiful treelined streets and breath in the fresh air around the West Lake area, Tran Quoc Pagoda and Truc Bach lake. Experience how tranquil and peaceful it is just 15-minutes from the buzzling Old Quarter of Hanoi. We adventure on narrow paths through impressive banana plantations and vegetable gardens on Banana Island that cover the fertile grounds of the Red River Delta. The noisy city suddenly seems to be so far away. We will B52 lake and pass the Mausoleum of (former) President Ho Chi Minh and visit the North Gate. We admire the old train railway with impressive old heritage buildings Hanoi is so famous for. The trip winds down with a local home-made egg coffee at the popular Giang café and will end whilst cycling back through the Old Quarter. Should you wish to include and experience a local Hanoian food (pho) or lunch (bun cha), our guide can accommodate this at an additional cost (to be paid directly to the restaurant). Tour ends at 20 Hang Muoi about 12.00 pm in the morning and 17.00 pm in the afternoon.

FromNinh Binh To Phong Nha:Paradise Cave,Dark Cave Adventure

7. FromNinh Binh To Phong Nha:Paradise Cave,Dark Cave Adventure

Day 1 19:30 Sleeping bus will pick up at Ninh Binh Footprint Travel office 21:00 Short Break on the way. Day 2 3:30 Arrive Phong Nha town, you can take awalk 2 minutes to our hotel for sleeping at Thien Phu Hotel 8:00 Breakfast will be serve at hostel 8:30 -9:00 Our driver and Guide will pick you up at Thien Phu Hotel and departure for our day adventure 09:00 Visit Paradise Cave. Paradise Cave is first discovered in 2005 by the British Cave Research Association, It’s a largest and most beautiful cave in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park area by British spelunkers. It is said that the cave's beauty is reminiscent of an imperial palace and very well resented with easy access, great walkways, and excellent feature lighting which made it extra special. Taking the electrical car from the parking to the foothills of the cave (2km). Admire countless stalactites with different shapes. 11:30 Lunch at a restaurant with local specialties from the people here processing. 13:00 Continue the journey to visit the Chay River - Dark Cave 13:30 Getting near to the cave entrance by 400 meters long zip-lining with 10 meter high or by kayaking for those who get fear of high places. 15 meters swimming to the cave on the cool water will wake you up. At the end of the cave, mud bath is the most interesting spot that once you get dipping into it, you will not want to get out of it anymore. Swing, mini-ziplines with obstacle course are waiting for you on Chay river. Swimming in cool blue water is one of remarkable experiences in your life - must be in your bucket list.. You will have a very interesting experience when take part in this cave. 16:30 Vehicle transfer you back to Phong Nha town 17:00 Drop off at Thien Phu Hotel . Free time to take a rest and free time for dinner 19:00 Sleeping bus will pick you up at Thien Phu Hotel 22:30 Arrive Hue . Trip ends. Please contact if you prefer ends trip in Phong Nha, Da Nang, Hoi An

From Sa Pa: Fansipan Peak Full Day Mountain Trek

8. From Sa Pa: Fansipan Peak Full Day Mountain Trek

Vietnam highest peak located in Sa Pa mountain area, Fansipan also is called the roof of Indochina. At the 3143m of elevation, 1-day Fansipan trek is a sportive and most difficult trek in the area, so it’s for only strong people who like the adventure. It takes around 9hours to 10hours of trekking for a round-trip distance of around 28 km. You will start around 6h00 am, after having your own early breakfast, short transport by car/van to Tram Ton pass at the altitude of 1994m above sea level, where is the place for starting your trek. You trek through the bamboo and rain forests, crossing nice streams before stop for your delicious lunch on the way. You will reach the peak around 11h30 -12h am, and you take the rest to enjoy wonderful views over surrounding mountains, and Sa Pa town, and you can see some high mountains in China, when the sky is clear, you will have chance to catch some special and unique moments of nature for your unique pictures. On the return, you can have two choices, you can take a cable car down to Sa Pa (cable car ticket is on your own charge) or keep trekking back by the same way to Tram Ton pass where your driver is waiting for you to take you back Sapa town... End your 1-day Fansipan trek.

Tam Coc - Bich Dong - Bird Valley Bike Tour

9. Tam Coc - Bich Dong - Bird Valley Bike Tour

Pick up and drop off at your hotel Enjoy Tam Coc by bamboo boat - You will be surprised by the charming beauty here with paddy elds, river, water, cloud, sky, and a stunning cave system during the boat trip Cycling throuth rice fille Treck up to the top of the Upper pagoda and your eyes catch the overall panorama of the paddy fields between Truong Yen Mountain completed here in 1991 Explore bird valley - an awesome place for hiking and enjoying the fresh air in a good environment created by Mother Nature Enjoy fresh atmosphere and quietly listen to thousands birds are singing

Private 4-Hour Jeep Tour: Hoa Lo Prison & The Downed B-52

10. Private 4-Hour Jeep Tour: Hoa Lo Prison & The Downed B-52

Visit Hoa Lo Museum, called the Hanoi Hilton by American pilots during Vietnam War, and Vietnam Military History Museum, where you can find documents from the Vietnam War, Indochina Wars, and thousands of years of war with China. See Huu Tiep Pond in Ngoc Ha Village, where a part of a B-52 bomber that was shot down in 1972 is preserved. Pass by Hanoi’s crazily busy streets, which are always full of motorbikes, and then go through pleasant tree–lined streets dotted with small parks and yellow colonial-era villas. Today, these one-time colonial villas house foreign embassies, a university, and various government buildings.

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We had a wonderful time exploring the major Hanoi sites with our very knowledgeable, and fun guide! The food included was delicious and authentic. Highly recommend this tour! Ask for Leo or Sang to be your guide for the best experience possible!

Really fun experience, and we learned lots about Hanoi and Vietnamese war history Great guide (Dun) really made it interesting it was very safe driving (Long) Very worthwhile activity

Leo is a good guide. He speaks fluent English and was knowledgeable about the history of Hanoi and surroundings. Will use GetYourGuide again soon in other countries.

Best tour we did in Vietnam. Our guide Finn was brilliant. We took the 8am tour which was great timing as we got to see the morning train come through train street.

It was out of this world. An absolute must do when in Hanoi.