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We are three tour guides with extensive experience and different backgrounds that complement each other. We started as freelancers and have had the immense good fortune to work for different companies and travellers of all types, conditions and origins. We realised that the current tourism market is quite homogeneous in its services and that many times it does not adapt to people’s needs or realities. Society is very diverse. There are people who have reduced mobility, travel alone, travel with their family, come from different beliefs, have different sensory or psychological abilities, seek history, seek culture, seek to respect the local population, sometimes even avoid large groups and overcrowded city centres. Also, in our daily work we have encountered products designed by companies far from the real context that did not take into account the opening hours of museums, places of interest, temples, restaurants, daylight hours in winter or simply limited daylight hours, leading travellers to rush from one place to another in a huge hurry. We do not want that. We want everybody to enjoy without stress or worries. That was the reason why we founded Curiositas Mundus. And these are some of the compromises that are written in our Foundation Charter: Article 3. Objectives of the company: To design, organize and distribute tourism services focused on the culture and heritage of Belgium with the utmost respect for the customer, the local population and the environment. To promote active inclusion and full participation of people with different needs in cultural and tourist activities. To be a reference for and collaborate with European, national, regional and local public authorities, as well as private agents and providers, in the promotion of cultural tourism and responsible tourism in Belgium. To create tourism models based on the principles of sustainability and responsibility. To prevent and combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance through interreligious and intercultural activities related to walking tours, collaboration with museums and other tourist activities. To contribute to the maintenance and protection of Belgium’s heritage, cultural and natural assets. To promote equality between women and men through tourism, cultural and heritage activities that make visible the history and current situation of women in science, technology, history, architecture, philosophy, literature and in all aspects of society. To assess current cultural, economic and social issues affecting the travel and tourism industry. To offer activities, mainly tours, to people from all economic and social classes, thanks to the financing of public funds. To become a reference in the local community, ensuring the success of conferences and workshops on responsible tourism and Belgian culture. To add value to the cultural tourism and responsible tourism sector. To always adapt to the latest information technology systems, work procedures and environmental issues for tourism services and products. To educate and communicate information on travel and culture through different platforms. To promote the official languages of Belgium, as well as the other languages present in Belgium through immigration, with tourism, cultural and heritage activities. To collaborate in transnational exchange of experiences and know-how in relation to the tourism sector and its management models. To support networking among cultural and creative organizations and policy-makers related to the development of the cultural and responsible tourism sector. These claims may seem overly ambitious. We believe that they are simply the natural way forward for tourism in the 21st century.

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