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Polignano a Mare: E-Bike Schiacciata e Vino

1. Polignano a Mare: E-Bike Schiacciata e Vino

Along countryside lanes, Masserie and dry stone walls, I'll show you the places I love and live in my everyday life. We will cicle together for 11km (approximately 7 miles). We start from Polignano a Mare, known as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic,' heading towards Conversano, one of the most historic and artistic villages in Puglia. A tasty stop awaits us at a traditional local bakery, where we'll indulge in freshly baked Puglian focaccia by Donato, accompanied by a glass of wine. Before reaching Polignano, we'll take a pleasant break at the 'Verso' bar to refresh and recharge with a soft drink. On the way back, we'll enjoy seasonal fruits, picking them straight from the trees (figs, fioroni, pears, blackberries, mulberries). Our tour will conclude with a sample of Puglian liqueurs. I can’t wait to meet you for our little adventure on our bikes, experiencing local life, far away from crowded places, amongst nature. *Minimum height to participate in the bike tour 163 cm (5'4 ft).

Private Tour of Conversano: Discover Ancient Norba

2. Private Tour of Conversano: Discover Ancient Norba

Begin your tour by exploring a magnificent Norman castle that showcases many reception rooms where nobles would have received guests. This is also the stately wedding venue of Count Giangirolamo II Acquaviva d'Aragona. You will admire 17th century paintings by Paolo Finoglio such as, La Gerusalemme Liberata. Next, you will wander through the Convent of San Benedetto di Conversano, which is dedicated to the Saint of Norcia. The convent is overlooked by an elegant baroque bell tower and the medieval cloister offers a breathtaking view of the seven Romanesque triple-gates. Also housed in the Convent is the important archaeological section of the civic museum. Showcasing artifacts from prehistory to the Roman age: paleolithic flints and lithic tools coming from the caves of Conversano and Monopoli. Admire the Apulian Romanesque style Catherdral of Conversano, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, it has an elegant facade with a 15th century rose window. The interior preserves three naves that display beautiful motifs on the Byzantine-inspired columns. Despite the fire of 1911 that destroyed most of the works, the Cathedral still preserves a large fresco of the Pisan school, a wooden crucifix and the icon of the Madonna della Fonte, the patron saint of Conversano.

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