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Vietnam Crazy Tour is an idea that has been brewing in our mind for a long while. We - the locals - want to create a unique tour that would combine the fascinating motorbike culture in Vietnam with our admiration for its culture and beliefs, history and customs. What a better way to see Vietnam in general and Saigon in particular than on the back of the motorbike? And who better show you around than someone that was born and raised in Vietnam and that understands the customs and culture? Our goal is to provide our customers with unique and authentic experience and tours that exemplify Saigon and its culture. We offer unique, culturally immersive tours of Saigon, with its hustle and bustle life, with its luxury lifestyle but somehow somewhere there are still other stories not to be told yet. We want our customers to get to know different sides and stories of Saigon, to get to know the real Saigon up to 99% and leaving the country with unforgettable feeling and different perspective.

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