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From Chihuahua: Copper Canyon Tour

1. From Chihuahua: Copper Canyon Tour

Excursions to the renowned Copper Canyon. Visit the Mennonite fields en route, then carry on to Divisadero. Upon arrival, your guide will take you on a tour of the area so you can take in the breathtaking views from all of the numerous vantage points. Tickets to the Copper Canyon Adventure Park are included. Included is lunch, after which there will be free time for you to take more guided walks, shop for Tarahumara items from the locals you may encounter, or simply unwind on the canyon's side.

From Chihuahua: Basaseachi Waterfall National Park Tour

2. From Chihuahua: Basaseachi Waterfall National Park Tour

Visit to the Basaseachi Waterfall National Park, where the environment is made up of forests, ravines and streams with tiny cultivated valleys. We'll be able to observe how the environment gradually transforms as it moves from a primarily arid terrain to a lot more fertile and green location as we travel. We will see a beautiful natural setting dotted with forests, ravines, streams, and valleys once we get to the national park. The Basaseachi Waterfall, which boasts being the highest waterfall in Mexico, is without a doubt the park's biggest draw for tourists. The tremendous intensity of this torrent is more than visible because the waters pour from a height of 246 meters. You may take a leisurely stroll through the forest, where you'll discover a number of vantage spots from which to take in the best views of this breathtaking cascade.

From Chihuahua: Coyame Caves Tour

3. From Chihuahua: Coyame Caves Tour

Visit to a cave where one can travel for an hour and a half underground. The warmth and the scent of humidity give off the first impression of approaching a location close to the sea, indicating that this area was once a maritime one many centuries ago. We will pick you up at your Chihuahua hotel at 9:00 am and drive you north to the most popular caves in the state. We will arrive at the Coyame caverns, a vast network of subterranean passageways created by calcium carbonate, after traveling for an hour and a half. Because of this material's high water permeability, several rock formations, including the well-known stalactites and stalagmites, have naturally formed. After touring the Coyame caverns, we'll head to a nearby restaurant for a sumptuous traditional meal.

From Chihuahua: Full Day Tour to Creel

4. From Chihuahua: Full Day Tour to Creel

We'll pick you up from your hotel in Chihuahua and head south to the town of Creel.Visit the Mennonite community along the way, take a break for some light fare made out of cheese and cold cuts, and then continue on your tour to Creel. When you arrive in Creel, your driver/guide will accompany you on a tour of all the city's attractions, including Lake Arareco, the Valle de Los Hongos, the Cuevas Tarahumaras, the former San Ignacio Mission, and the Central Plaza, where you can make purchases of Tarahumara crafts. Return to Chihuahua in the late afternoon.

Chihuahua City: Guided Sightseeing Tour

5. Chihuahua City: Guided Sightseeing Tour

Enjoy a step through the city of Chihuahua, where we will visit the most emblematic places of this city, such as the Chihuahua Cathedral, the Pancho Villa Museum, the Government Palace, where there will be time to tour the streets and explore the central squares and residential areas. We will tour one of the former residences of one of the most significant individuals in Mexican history at the Casa de Villa Museum, currently known as the Museo Histórico de la Revolución. When Francisco Villa was named governor of the state in 1914, he lived there in the historic home that belonged to the Centaur of the North. Doa Luz Corral de Villa lived there until 1981 before donating the home to the Secretariat of National Defense. It includes a variety of personal goods, furnishings, and several items that belonged to Pancho Villa's revolutionary army. We will learn about the lovely government building in the city's center, see what it looks like on the inside, and be in awe of the stunning murals that adorn it. We'll go to the city's main cathedral, which features magnificent exterior and interior architecture and is stuffed with artwork.

From Chihuahua: Santa Eulalia Mines Tour

6. From Chihuahua: Santa Eulalia Mines Tour

We will pick you up from your accommodation and drive you 12 miles to the mining community of Santa Eulalia. When you get here, we'll tell you about this town's fascinating past. Diego del Castillo, a Spanish commander, founded it in 1652 after finding a silver mine. Other mines were discovered a few decades later, which aided Santa Eulalia's economic and population growth. We'll discover a lot more fascinating information about Santa Eulalia as well. For instance, did you know that this is where Chihuahua's original colony was situated? Later, it was decided to relocate the state capital to a different region of the valley, creating the modern city. Then, we'll visit one of the fabled mines that gave Santa Eulalia its notoriety and explore its interior to examine the many minerals, including calcites and semi-precious stones. We'll also discover the stages these deposits have gone through and how a drop in activity in the middle of the 20th century affected them. We'll depart the mines later and travel to the Santa Eulalia viewpoint, where we'll get to see a stunning panoramic view of the Chihuahua city that is right next to us. Prepare the cameras! Finally, after three hours of touring, we'll bring the tour to a close by transporting you back to your hotel.

From Chihuahua: Former Haciendas of Chihuahua Tour

7. From Chihuahua: Former Haciendas of Chihuahua Tour

8:00 am pick-up at your hotel for a 35 kilometer tour that includes a stop to the former hacienda "El Torreon" where you can observe the restoration of one of the area's oldest haciendas, built in the 1800s and used as a stronghold during Apache wars. In the past 14 years, it has undergone rebuilding and restoration. Then we headed out to one of the caves that had served as both a shelter and a place of worship for those traveling over the desert. We can recognize the Apache and Raramuri dances as well as the peyote ritual. It takes about 20 minutes to walk in both directions. After that, we'll visit the former "El Sauz" hacienda, which is now a museum dedicated to Apaches and cowboys. This was the final Apache battleground. Here, we will be able to view a display of tools and weaponry used in the Apache Wars. At the eatery "Los 500 Novillos," where one of the pre-revolutionary corridos was recorded, we will partake in a typical supper.

From Chihuahua: Paquime & Mata Ortiz Day Trip

8. From Chihuahua: Paquime & Mata Ortiz Day Trip

Visit to the archaeological zone of Paquimé and its magnificent museum, which houses objects from the pre-Hispanic cultures of northern Mexico, mainly elements of the Paquimé culture. At the same time, visit to the village of Mata Ortiz, a unique pottery village in the north, internationally known for the production of fine pottery inspired by the techniques and designs of the Paquimé culture, where you will have the opportunity to attend a demonstration of the pottery making process with one of the local artisans. Time for lunch is included and return to Chihuahua City in the afternoon.

From Chihuahua: 3-Day Tour to Batopilas

9. From Chihuahua: 3-Day Tour to Batopilas

The Barranca de Batopilas is one of the most attractive areas of the Barrancas Circuit, since its depth reaches 1800 meters, where the Batopilas River meanders, whose course extends from Tonachi until it empties into the San Ignacio River. Batopilas is an alternative destination for those who are in the Creel or Guachochi area. The narrow dirt road is in itself an attraction. Batopilas whose name derives from the Tarahumara bachotigori voice, which means "near the river" is also known as the Barranca de la Plata, because of the mining operations that extracted silver minerals.

Chihuahua: Magical Christmas Guided Walking Tour

10. Chihuahua: Magical Christmas Guided Walking Tour

Feel spellbound by the charming atmosphere in the streets of Chihuahua at Christmas. Experience the city from a different perspective when it's filled with colors and traditional Christmas offerings. Together with a professional local guide, visit the most beautifully decorated places and sense the seasonal magic. Find out about a wide range of Mexican traditions and customs, as well as the highlights of the seasonal cuisine.

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