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Our most recommended Cetinje Municipality Cruises & boat tours

Virpazar: Lake Skadar Panoramic Boat Tour to Kom Monastery

1. Virpazar: Lake Skadar Panoramic Boat Tour to Kom Monastery

Join an unforgettable sightseeing boat tour from the charming townlet of Virpazar, nestled right within the heart of Lake Skadar. Explore the stunning beauty of this magnificent lake and visit the medieval Kom Monastery. Set sail on a traditional wooden boat known as čun, and let your guide reveal the hidden gems of the region. Indulge in delicious local wine and take in the breathtaking scenery. Come and join us for an adventure of a lifetime. Experience the breathtaking sight of Vranjina's two majestic peaks as you sail through a narrow river canal. Admire Lesendro, the Key of Lake Skadar, an 18th-century structure where birds often perch atop the ruins. Discover the hidden beauty of three islands adorned with thousands of water lilies next, just before arriving at the medieval monastery Kom. Perched atop Odrin Hill, this hidden gem is accessible only by boat and is home to the best-preserved frescoes in the area. Immerse yourself in the sweet aroma of wild thyme during your 30-minute visit. Finally, enjoy a refreshing swim in the pristine waters of Lake Skadar, and take in the picturesque views of the untouched nature that surrounds you on the way back.

From Kotor, Budva, Tivat or Herceg Novi: Boka Bay Day Cruise

2. From Kotor, Budva, Tivat or Herceg Novi: Boka Bay Day Cruise

Discover the Bay of Kotor on an 8-hour cruise. Learn about the region's history and explore the natural landscapes. Visit a former prison sail around the bay, and swim in crystalline waters. Begin your excursion in Kotor, Budva, or Tivat. From here, your first stop of the day will be Bijela, where you will get the chance to have a refreshing swim. Visit the church and museum on the island before heading to the Blue Cave. Along the way, pass the entire length of UNESCO-protected Kotor Bay, before finally reaching the open sea. At the very entrance of Boka Bay, see the former fortified prison and concentration camp, Mamula. Circulate the island by boat to observe the wild interlace of history and nature. Then sail out until you reach the Blue Cave. Take a break at Porto Montenegro for lunch and explore the picturesque town. Then, sail back to Kotor, with another swimming break at the deep waters of the bay. Change into dry clothes and visit the church at the island Our Lady of the Rock. During the return trip, enjoy views of majestic mountains, caves, beaches, and historical sites.

Tivat: Bay of Kotor Boat Tour w/ Our Lady of the Rocks Visit

3. Tivat: Bay of Kotor Boat Tour w/ Our Lady of the Rocks Visit

Admire the beauty of the Bay of Kotor on a boat trip departing from Tivat. Enjoy the views of the bay's mountains, cliffs, and shimmering blue waters, with stops at Our Lady of the Rocks, the Blue Cave, and the old town areas of Herceg Novi. Depart from Tivat in the morning and enjoy a panoramic view of the largest port for mega yachts in southern Europe, Porto Montenegro. Relax onboard the boat which is equipped with sundecks, showers, and a bar where you can purchase drinks and snacks. Head to the city of Kotor, there will be just a short stop there to pick up the guide and tourist group. After Kotor, cruise past the town of Perast before stopping on the artificial island, Our Lady of the Rocks. Here, visit the Catholic Church of the same name, where you will see the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary from the 15th century, the most venerated patron saint of Boka sailors. During the next part of the cruise, you can enjoy lunch onboard the boat before arriving at the Mirište lagoon. During this stop, you can visit the famous Blue Cave which has a variety of vibrant blue and green colors. On the way to the Blue Cave, pass by the famous fishing village of Rose and the fortress of Mamula, a mysterious landmark of Montenegro with unique architecture. Finally, travel towards the city of Herceg Novi. Walk with your guide to the old town area and discover the fortresses of Forte Mare, Kanli Kula, and Španjola. After Herceg Novi, set off on the return journey to Tivat, passing Saint Marco Island on the way, the largest in the area.

From Virpazar: Lake Skadar Boat Tour to Rijeka Crnojevića

4. From Virpazar: Lake Skadar Boat Tour to Rijeka Crnojevića

Begin your journey in Virpazar, the tiny fishing village located in the heart of Lake Skadar. Leave its dock, sailing along a narrow river channel bordered by reeds and rows of willows. Uncover the deep-blue waters of Lake Skadar as you exit. Admire views of mountains far away in Albania; and Vranjina, the island just in front of you, with two peaks proudly standing against the largest lake in southern Europe. Turn left, and go under the nearby bridge. Discover the 18th-century fortress Lesendro as you glide through the endless fields of water chestnuts carpeting the lake. Spy birds lining up along the remains or soaring through the sky. Observe them dry their feathers and enjoy their beauty and sound as you start smelling the wild thyme in the summer breeze. Marvel at the three nearby islets and the view they hide - meadows of white and yellow water lily flowers with their large, floating, dark-green leaves. Pass through the fjord Pavlova strana and reach Little Venice - the old fisherman's village named by the river - Rijeka Crnojevića. The historical meaning of this townlet, authentic architecture and beautiful natural surroundings construct a perfect atmosphere for you to experience true Montenegrin mentality. After exploring the village (you have around 1 hour to do that), climb aboard your boat again and head back to Virpazar. In the meantime, don't forget to pack your sunscreen, swimsuits and towels! Grab your opportunity and swim in the refreshing waters of Lake Skadar, surrounded by magnificent views.

From Budva: Skadar Lake Sunset Cruise & Monastery Kom

5. From Budva: Skadar Lake Sunset Cruise & Monastery Kom

Start your journey from Budva, after boarding a premium vehicle with up to 19 places. Then your first stop is at Virpazar, a small fisherman village in the National Park. At the beginning of the 18th century, the village became the most important trading point in Montenegro. From here embark on a 3-hour boat trip to enjoy some majestic sightseeing and to discover the unique flora and fauna of the region. Skadar Lake is famous for being a resting place for birds migrating from northern Europe to Africa. Get ready to see some of the 260 species of birds here. After boarding you will leave the port and cruise through a small river channel surrounded by fields of reeds and rows of willows. After reaching the open waters of Lake Skadar, continue cruising to the village of Vranjina and Fortress Lesendro. Passing next to Lesendro, continue to the small island of Odrinska Gora, near Žabljak Crnojevića. Odrin Hill is the home of the medieval Monastery Kom. There we will take a break of half an hour to explore this magnificent place. Leave this special place, and take the boat back to the starting point. During your cruise take an opportunity to jump into the water for a swim and enjoy majestic views and untouched nature.

Virpazar: Skadar Lake PRIVATE Boat Tour to KOM MONASTERY

6. Virpazar: Skadar Lake PRIVATE Boat Tour to KOM MONASTERY

Journey through Skadar Lake on a 3-hour boat tour from Virpazar. Look for local birds and listen to music along the way to the Kom Monastery. Have some free time to enjoy a dip in the lake.  Meet your guide in Virpazar and make your way through a river channel surrounded by lotus flowers before you reach the open lake. Let your guide show you UNESCO-protected islands and charming fishing villages nestled on the shore.  Visit Kom Monastery and take in panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding countryside. Hear about the unique history of this monastery from your local guide. View colorful frescoes in this rustic religious retreat.  Use the provided birdwatching book and equipment to look for birds like pygmy cormorants, spoonbills, and Squacco herons. Learn about the history of the lake as you listen to commentary from your guide.  Take time for a refreshing swim on the open lake or at a private beach. After your swim, relax with a drink onboard. Return to Virpazar at the end of your tour. 

Virpazar: Amazon wilderness speed boat cruise

7. Virpazar: Amazon wilderness speed boat cruise

This tour is a unique and new experience. Real magic lies deeper in the true wilderness in the heart of the lake, in the channels of the Amazon. Yes, we call it the Amazon Tour because we will reach part of a million shades of green presented by wild vegetation, light play, and the sounds of wildlife. You’ll have a chance to explore three parts of the lake, each with different landscapes. To get the full experience, we advise you to book this tour in the early morning or later in the evening, which will allow us to avoid traffic on the lake and skip the crowds. We will be waiting for you in the charming old town of Virpazar, where you can still enjoy the infusion of a small fishing village. Our lovely team member will excort you to the river channel, where an experienced, friendly, English-speaking captain will pick you up. As we cruise through the first river channel surrounded by lake reeds and soon reach water lily flowers, you’ll have a chance to admire the first lake birds and vegetation. When we reach further, you will find yourself under a spectacular view of mountains separating the lake from the Adriatic Sea and the greatness of an open lake lying under the peaks of the Albanian alps in the background on the other side. Enjoy the light breeze and feel the warmth of the sun touching your face. Admire the famous fortress of Lessendro, which was built in 18th-century and hear about historic events. You will notice that you are surrounded by continuous fields of water chestnuts while we dive into the channel of the Morača river with a view of Vranjina Island in the background. Using the narrow channel to get us as close as possible to the bird reserve area, where we will slow down to minimum speed. You can let yourself be charmed by the sounds of nature and watch the birds making nests for their heirs. As we dive deeper into the national park, we pass many isolated islands. We will use the channel of mysterious village of Karuč to slide closer to the Amazon part. This magical journey will lead us to channel of river Katun who leads to forgotten fishermen villages. Narrow channel surrounded by dense canopies of vegetation will give you the impression of Amazon like riverine landscape. Feel the rush of adrenaline like first explorers of the unknown lands did. While we explore we also take time to take pictures upon your request. On the way back enjoy the last majestic panoramic views of the lake. We are a small family business whose generations have lived and survived on Lake Skadar. Our mission is not only to show you the lake but also to teach you about nature and wildlife and share with you our love for this amazing place. We are lucky enough to call it our home. Local wine and juice is included in price. Swimming is possible upon request.

Kotor cruise: Full day Boka Bay cruise

8. Kotor cruise: Full day Boka Bay cruise

We depart from Tivat at 10:30am from Pine in front of you will be a panoramic view of the largest port for mega yachts in southern Europe - Porto Montenegro. From there, we head to the city of Kotor, which preserves its centuries-old architecture and Mediterranean charm. After Kotor, sailing along the coast of the legendary town of Perast, the ship will stop on the only artificial island in the Adriatic - Our Lady of the Rocks. On the island you can visit the Catholic Church of the same name, where you will meet the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary from the 15th century, the most respected saint patron of Boka sailors. The church is very nicely painted and decorated. If you wish, you can also visit its museum part, which is entirely composed of votive gifts. The next stop is swimming in the , to which we cruise slowly for less than two hours. Our recommendation is to use that time for lunch on our boat. Our ships have a national cuisine with a wide selection of dishes from various salads to first category fish. The lagoon Mirište is known in Montenegro for its purity and transparency of water. During this stop you can visit the famous Blue Cave. The incredible beauty of the Blue Cave is due to the play of light and water, shadows and bright colors. The sun rays, refracting on the surface of the sea waterare reflected on the limestone rocks, and create a unique feeling that you are in a fairy tale. On the way to the Blue Cave you will pass by the famous fishing village of Rose, which has been an inspiration to many artists; we will pass the island and the fortress Mamula - a mysterious landmark of Montenegro with unique architecture, landscape and history, and right next to the coast ofCape Arza with the fortress of the same name, once part of the extremely important fortification system of BokaKotorska. On the way to Tivat we will see the largest island in the bay, the Saint Marco Island, and the legendary Flowers Island.

Virpazar: Private Lake Skadar and Pavlova Strana Wine Cruise

9. Virpazar: Private Lake Skadar and Pavlova Strana Wine Cruise

Discover the wonders of Lake Skadar as you glide across its pristine waters in a traditional wooden boat, known as a čun. Indulge in the flavors of local wine while meandering through the breathtaking landscapes that adorn the lake. Immerse yourself in the invigorating freshness of the water, enveloped by majestic mountain ranges, and delve into the captivating stories and rich history of Lake Skadar. Begin in Virpazar - the main gateway of Lake Skadar. Sail along a tiny river channel and observe birds catch the fish and soar through the sky. Exit the river and discover the vast blue waters of Lake Skadar, the far-away mountains of Albania, and Vranjina, along with its two peaks. Glide through the meadows of water chestnuts and discover the ruins of Lesendro, the 18th-century fortress and the Key of Lake Skadar. These ruins and their bird visitants will feast you with a stunning view. Feel the fresh air rush through your body, as you come close to Lake Skadar's largest tributary, Morača River. Continue your journey in the direction of three islands – Mala Čakovica, Velika Čakovica, and Kamenik. Have your breath taken away by the view these islets hide. Marvel at thousands of water lilies, covering the surface of the lake with their leaves. Sights to follow will satisfy your traveller’s thirst also. As you pass through the picturesque fjord Pavlova strana your eyes will absorb the beauty. The rocky coast, with abandoned houses and small hidden piers, makes a perfect background for your swimming stop.

From Virpazar: Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

10. From Virpazar: Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

Tour starts from Virpazar, where we set sail through the river Virštica, where you get to enjoy in the birds flying around, lots of water lilies and reeds surrounding it, until we reach the open lake. Then you will be amazed by incredible landscapes and colors created by combination of water and Mediterranean vegetation, with the mountain backdrops. Soon enough, you will see the ruined walls of fortress Grmožur, rise from the waters of Skadar Lake. This abandoned fortification is a former jail and its known as Montenegrin Alcatraz. Now, its a permanent habitat for some bird species which some of them you will see. We are continuing the journey by reaching a small delta of river Morača, where it's a bird reserve. Soon, making a stop to climb the hill on Vranjina peninsula and visit Orthodox Monastery of Saint Nicola from the 13th century. After that, going back to the boat where we set sail back to Virpazar. In meantime, you can choose to take a nice swim in the river or at the open lake.

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The trip met our expectations 100%. The lady at the information desk informed us in detail (English fluently) about the trip plan - where we are going and what we will see. The captain was very nice and smiling, there was refreshment (tasty pancakes) and wine, the captain, after welcoming him, assured him that he would answer all questions about the cruise, and it was like that. The trip lasted about 3 hours 15 minutes. There was no bathing in the lake, because it was raining for several days and there were no people willing to do so, but I think that if during a few-minute stop in the middle of the lake someone would decide, it would not be a problem :) We only regret that the weather was uninteresting :)

The boat trip was canceled due to bad weather. Very good communication with the local organization via whattsapp who kept us informed whether or not it could go on the next day. Wonderful boat trip in a fantastic nature. Fritters, wine and water provided for everyone and more than enough. Recommended!

Great tour with a nice atmosphere. Probably one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the Kotor bay. It was a very relaxing experience with a combination of visits and stops for swiming. Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Everything went smoothly, I recommend the trip to everyone.

Amazing Cruise with a very kind Captain. Wort every penny.