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Belogradchik Fortress

Belogradchik Fortress: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Sofia: Belogradchik Rocks Full-Day Tour

1. From Sofia: Belogradchik Rocks Full-Day Tour

Take a day trip to the northwestern corner of Bulgaria to see the Belogradchik rocks, located in the Balkan Mountains. You will drive 2.5 to 3 hours from Sofia until you reach this area. The rocks are grouped in various formations and are made up of primarily sandstone. In 2009, they were nominated as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Many rocks have fantastic shapes and are associated with interesting legends. They are often named for people or objects they are thought to resemble, and on your tour, your guide might share some of these stories while pointing out the specific rocks and their names. The Belogradchik Rocks have also been declared a Natural Landmark by the Bulgarian government and are a major tourist attraction in the region. At the top of a hill near to some of the rocks is also a medieval fortress, known as the Belogradchik Fortress, built when the region was part of the Roman Empire. You will have the opportunity to visit the fortress and behold its well-preserved and menacing facade. Later, you will also be taken to the nearby Veneca cave, an incredibly beautiful cave with modern colorful lights. All entrance fees are included in the price and there will be time to stop for an optional lunch, which is not included.

From Sofia: Day Trip to Belogradchik Rocks and Venetsa cave

2. From Sofia: Day Trip to Belogradchik Rocks and Venetsa cave

Explore the striking Belogradchik Rocks on a guided day trip from Sofia. Walk among these unique rock formations perched atop a hilly outcrop, enjoying panoramic views of rolling green hills from the top. Learn about how the rocks came to be over 230 million years ago from your licensed guide. Sit back and relax on a return van ride from and to Sofia, enjoying the countryside views along your way. See these rock formations, an exceptional natural phenomenon unique to the Balkans, up close as you follow your guide through the rocky outcrop. Steeped in legends and history, these rocks were created in such a way that they offered a natural fortress with a high defensive potential. Visit the Belogradchik Fortress (at your own expense) to see how these rocks were once used as a natural fortress for many decades. Nominated for the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition, the Belogradchik Rocks were at the top of the list in the category for caves, rock formations, and valleys. If you can handle more experiences, we will visit the Venetsa cave, which is one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria

Belogradchik: Hot-air Balloon Flight over Belogradchik Rocks

3. Belogradchik: Hot-air Balloon Flight over Belogradchik Rocks

Our tour will begin with one of the most ancient aspirations of mankind - the desire to fly! And we will realize this desire with the oldest and most breathtaking airlift - air balloon! You can choose whether to enjoy the waking sun in the morning or to observe the beauty of the falling evening twilight. A flight operating at a maximum height of about 1 km above the ground with a professional instructor and a guide. After a successful landing marked with the champagne splashes, you will embark on a fascinating walk with electric bikes and touch the ancient walls of the fortress, built by the Romans in the 1st - 3rd century AD, learn its unusual history, and also you will enjoy incredible natural landscapes and get admirable photos! We offer you to embark on an amazing adventure and to get to know the place, ranked for the "New Seven Wonders of the World" - Belogradchik Rocks and the hidden ancient fortress among them! The place with a unique location for observing the starry sky and not only this... The unique natural phenomenon Belogradchik Rocks is a rock complex with a length of about 30 km and a width of 6-7 km. The rocks have been sculpted by nature for more than 200 million years. Their reddish tinge is due to the iron oxide content. They are diverse in form and size of rock art, rising more than 100 meters high! Choose among 10-minute, 30-minute and 1-hour flight! Come to fly over the Belogradchik rocks!

Belogradchik Rocks and Fortress from Sofia

4. Belogradchik Rocks and Fortress from Sofia

The Belogradchik massif is a group of strange shaped sandstone and conglomerate rock formations, located on the slopes of the western Balkan Mountains. The rocks vary in color from primarily red to yellow and some of the rocks reach up to 200 meters in height. Many of the rocks represent fantastic shapes and are associated with interesting legends. They are often named after people or objects they are thought to resemble. The Belogradchik Rocks have been declared a Nature Landmark by the Bulgarian government and are a major tourist attraction in the region. Belogradchik Fortress is situated at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the town of Belogradchik among the renowned rocks. It is a fortress that existed since the Roman times. In 1st – 3rd century AD the Romans built roads across the new provinces of the empire on the Balkan peninsula, as well as some fortresses to guard them. The mission of Belogradchik Fortress was to control the road from the town of Ratsiaria (nearby today’s village of Archar, in the region of Vidin). The Romans constructed the highest part of the fortress, called The Citadel. This one day tour allows you to witness one of the natural wonders of Europe and learn more about the history and culture of the picturesque Northwest of Bulgaria! The tour starts from your hotel. After a 3 hour transfer you will reach the town of Belogradchik. The tour of the town, along with the fortress and the amazing rock formations takes about 3 hours. Afterwards enjoy a transfer back to Sofia. The tour ends at your hotel.

From Sofia: Bizarre Belogradchik Rocks & Fortress Day Trip

5. From Sofia: Bizarre Belogradchik Rocks & Fortress Day Trip

The western slopes of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria are home to a bizarre rock formation which has fascinated and intrigued both locals and visitors alike for thousands of years. Often reaching several hundred meters in height, they vary in shade, as do the many legends which surround them. What makes the place even more interesting is the location of a fortress set within the rock formation.  The Belogradchik Rocks form a 3 kilometer wide and 30 kilometer long strip, and the rock formations reach some 200 meters in height. They were formed at the bottom of a sea as the product of compression some 230 million years ago and then through erosion over the last 45 million years. The rocks, made largely of limestone, also hold hundreds of caves. Each one comes with a story and each rock formation bears a name such as Adam and Eve, the Schoolgirl, the Bear, the Shepherd boy, the Dervish, the First Slabstone, the Camel, the Mushrooms, the Cuckoo, the Red Wall, the Madonna, the Horseman, the Monks, the Mental Stone, Rebel Velko, the Pine Stone and so on. Your trip will start in the morning from your hotel. Your professional guide will pick you up and later drop you off by car and in the afternoon.  

Belogradchik rocks and organic wines, full day tour

6. Belogradchik rocks and organic wines, full day tour

Let us show you our home area, Northwest Bulgaria. We were born in Belogradchik, a small town with picturesque views, famous for its beautiful rocks. Our one-day tour will show you the lifestyle of people in the countryside. Local people are warm and there are hidden gems to be discovered. The area is rich in beautiful natural phenomena and private wineries. Belogradchik is famous for its unique rock formations. They got nominated to be listed in the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. There is a boutique winery in the area of Belograchik. The popular local red variety is called Gamza. Optional wine tasting. Drive to Sofia.

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The day trip to Belogradchik Rocks and the Venetsa Cave is simply incredible. There were four of us in total on the trip (us and two others) and we had a magical day. Our friendly guide picked us up from our AirBnb at about 0830. The drive to the rocks took about 3hrs including a short break. The scenery on the way is amazing. Once we got Belogradchik Rocks our guide took us around the vast site and gave us a brief history of it, whilst also showing us the best routes for climbing up to the top. There was an option to have lunch in town but as we all had taken food with us we were taken to a point overlooking the rocks to eat. We then had a short drive to the Venetsa cave. Our small group ventured through the caves and were taught about the history/geological make up of the site. We were then driven back to Sofia where we arrived at about 1800. It's a long day but it is 100% worth it. The views are incredible and our guide was nothing short of excellent - well worth the money!

Fascinating area of Bulgaria to explore. I enjoyed my day and appreciated the knowledge and experience of my guide. The fortress and the rocks surrounding it are amazing. Our time there was unhurried and we explored the various areas of the fortress. The cave was very interesting as well. Some of the passageways between chambers of the cave are quite small, so you need some flexibility and fitness.

The guide Peter was very nice and friendly. Enjoyed an excellent outing in his company, and with comfortable vehicle and no lack of interest in explaining everything. He was even kind enough to provide suggestions for local attractions outside the scope of the tour package! Enjoyed thoroughly! <3

The tour was great, the guide Tzveto is a friendly person and he explained very good a lot about the history about the place and about Bulgaria as well. The Rock formations are just amazing, impressive and breathtaking, i will recommend everyone to visit Belogradchik.

The rocks are incredible, the view is breathtaking, the guide is super kind and very helpful, the best experience of my trip to Bulgaria