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Newport Beach: Ferry Ticket to/from Catalina Island

1. Newport Beach: Ferry Ticket to/from Catalina Island

Book a one-way or roundtrip ferry service from Newport Beach to Catalina Island's Avalon. The ferry ride from one place to the other takes about an hour and fifteen minutes one way. For a round-trip service, simply book 2 separate one-way trips. All of the vessels have multiple decks. Snacks and beverages, alcoholic and nonalcoholic, are available for purchase onboard, we accept cash/credit and contactless payments. We travel in the open ocean and can experience rough waters at any time. Catalina and Newport Beach both have many activities - great dining, water excursions, golf cart tours, and much more.

Santa Catalina Island: Nautilus Semi-Submarine Cruise

2. Santa Catalina Island: Nautilus Semi-Submarine Cruise

Join the captain and crew and set off on a 45-minute exploratory mission through Lover's Cove, a State Marine Conservation Area sanctuary. Traverse amazing undersea gardens and ocean habitats in a semi-submersible vessel designed after America's first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, on a trip that is both educational and entertaining. Let your imagination descend into the depths of the ocean as you explore the magic and wonder of undersea life on the Nautilus. Venture into the ocean and through the kelp forest in a state-of-the-art vessel. Learn about what you see with the crew and research team, and let them entertain you with their stories. As you learn and explore, interact with the fish through a specially designed feeding system. Launch fish food torpedoes right from your seat (at an additional cost) and instigate feeding frenzies right outside your personal porthole. Tour is located on Catalina Island- transportation by ferry to island not included.

Avalon, Catalina Island: Island Adventure Tour

3. Avalon, Catalina Island: Island Adventure Tour

Have the chance to encounter wildlife such as bison, deer, bald eagles, ravens, or even the Catalina Island fox. There is a photo opportunity around every turn on our two hour guided eco-land excursion. As we climb to the Airport-in-the-Sky admire the spectacular views. At this stop, visit the Nature Center and peer down at one of Catalina’s original Native American gathering sites. The fee to the Catalina Island Conservancy directly supports the preservation of the animals, endangered species, and endemic plants on Catalina Island. Tours leave from The Cabrillo Mole.

Catalina Island: Private Guided Golf Cart Tour of Avalon

4. Catalina Island: Private Guided Golf Cart Tour of Avalon

Discover the culture, history, and lifestyle of Catalina Island on a guided tour of Avalon with a local guide. Make your way around the city in the classic vehicle of this small sea side town = a golf cart! Come see Avalon's most iconic sights and feel free to bring your children or pet along for the ride on this private and customized guided tour. Meet your guide at the arranged pickup location and hop into the golf cart to begin exploring. Stop at points of interest along the way, we tailor this private experience to suit your preferences. Decide on which sights you most want to explore, from the Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden to Casino Point Dive Park. Wander around the Avalon Diving History Exhibit, or stop at different viewpoints along the way to take in the sweeping vistas and capture fantastic photos. As you make your way around Avalon, learn about the island and its landmarks from your local guide, who'll share the history and back stories of each location visited. At the end of your tour, your guide will drop you off at your hotel, or another location of your choosing in the city.

Avalon City: Sightseeing and History Tour with Audio App

5. Avalon City: Sightseeing and History Tour with Audio App

Take a self-guided GPS audio tour through the streets of Avalon. Discover more about the city and learn about its history and landmarks, with input provided from expert locals. Listen to historians, authors, and other passionate locals talk about their town as you walk the streets of Avalon. Learn the stories behind our town and its famous landmarks from the people who live here. The tour is ready whenever you are and the audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smartphone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline.

Avalon: Private Golf Cart Tour with Driver-Guide

6. Avalon: Private Golf Cart Tour with Driver-Guide

See everything Avalon has to offer in this two-hour private tour by golf cart with one expert driver-guide. Want to see the city through a local's eyes? Join Avalon Local Tours for the island's most unique golf cart tour. Take a joyride with a local guide. Don't worry about wasting time getting lost or trying to figure out what you're looking at; your guide will tell you all about it. A friendly Avalon local drives you around the city for a true insider's perspective. Always capturing a full spectrum of all the Instagram-worthy spots, stop for photo opportunities at the most picturesque locations. Visit over 25 sightseeing locations on this super fun golf cart tour. See, touch, and smell your way through Catalina Island. If you're visiting Catalina for the first time or just want to learn more about the island, Avalon Local Tours is the answer. Encouraging people who are visiting to take this tour first before you do anything else, your guide will show you a side of the island you might not otherwise have ever known.

Catalina Scavenger Hunt

7. Catalina Scavenger Hunt

Your creative, nontraditional scavenger hunt begins at a scenic spot that's a local favorite. You'll get your digital quest from your live and interactive remote host. Then you’ll take off on your own to experience a wide variety of carefully curated locations in town. You'll walk or drive to the various checkpoints as you interpret creative tasks, accept wacky challenges, and get outside your comfort zone! Both family and dog friendly, the game alternates between the indoors and outdoors, with plenty of bonus challenges too! You'll text photos and videos to your remote host, who cheers you on and assists, as you play - to document your progress. You can even interact with the locals to interpret the creative challenges. You won’t be able to avoid having fun, uncovering hidden gems and local secrets, making memories, laughing, and learning along the way! You’ll be part of the rich culture of this dynamic city! Every turn is full of surprises, so questions in advance are welcomed. Check out all 500 of our city hunts! Great for corporate groups, tourists, curious locals, bachelors(ettes), birthdays, families, friend trips, and other special groups! Ask us about our custom-designed experiences and virtual team builders too!

Avalon: Santa Catalina Island Aerial Helicopter Tour

8. Avalon: Santa Catalina Island Aerial Helicopter Tour

Depart from Pebbly Beach in Avalon for a helicopter tour of the mostly untouched natural beauty of the 22-mile-long Santa Catalina Island featuring a rugged interior and cliffs rising from the ocean. Begin your journey over Avalon, a vibrant centerpiece to Catalina Island brimming with rich history. This picturesque harbor town offers charming streets lined with quaint boutiques and eateries. Fly past the Catalina Casino, Descanso Beach Club, and Hamilton Cove. Look for buffalo roaming the hills, soaring eagles, or dolphins on the coastline as you catch glimpses of the beautiful beaches and secluded coves including Bird Rock, Empire Landing, and Isthmus Cove. Journey past Two Harbors, a small village where the island is only a quarter-mile wide. Fly over the Airport in the Sky and historical landmarks including Middle Ranch and El Rancho Escondido, a hillside vineyard that once served as the Wrigley family's Arabian Horse Ranch. Conclude your adventure by passing the Wrigley Memorial, the Botanic Garden, the historic Catalina Island Golf Course, and the island’s highest peak, Mount Orizaba, as you descend past Catalina Bay one last time.

Avalon: Haunted Golf Cart Tour

9. Avalon: Haunted Golf Cart Tour

Prepare for an unforgettable journey through the haunted streets of Avalon on this guided golf cart tour. Starting at the Kids Park, just across from the iconic City Hall, you'll embark on a 1.5-hour adventure filled with spine-chilling tales and paranormal encounters. As you glide through the city streets, your expert guide will regale you with captivating stories of ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena. From the Steamer Tug Boat House to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden, you'll visit iconic landmarks with a dark and haunted past.

Avalon: Haunted Catalina Walking Ghost Tour

10. Avalon: Haunted Catalina Walking Ghost Tour

Step into the mysterious world of Catalina Island's haunted past with our Haunted Catalina Walking Ghost Tour in the enchanting City of Avalon. As twilight descends, embark on a journey through time, where the veil between the living and the dead grows thin. Led by our expert guide, you'll navigate the cobblestone streets, shrouded in tales of restless spirits and lingering specters. Listen closely as chilling whispers of the island's haunted history fill the night air. From eerie encounters at historic landmarks to spine-tingling stories passed down through generations, each step uncovers a new layer of mystery. As you traverse the shadowy alleys and dimly lit squares, you'll feel the weight of centuries-old secrets lingering in the air. Prepare to be captivated by tales of ghostly apparitions, spectral sightings, and inexplicable occurrences that defy rational explanation. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, this 1.5-hour adventure will leave you questioning the boundaries of the seen and the unseen. With the moon casting an ethereal glow upon the city, let the haunting beauty of Avalon's haunted past envelop you. This immersive experience is not for the faint of heart but promises an unforgettable journey into the realm of the unknown. Are you ready to confront the spirits that dwell in the shadows of Catalina Island's storied past?

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