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Our most recommended Atlas Mountains Safaris & wildlife activities

Marrakech: Ouzoud Waterfalls Guided Day Trip with Boat Ride

1. Marrakech: Ouzoud Waterfalls Guided Day Trip with Boat Ride

Experience a scenic drive through the Moroccan countryside and admire many Berber villages along the way. See the rushing waters of the Ouzoud Waterfalls and go on an optional boat ride. Enjoy a traditional lunch in a restaurant near the waterfalls, and spend time exploring on your own. Leave behind the busy city of Marrakech and relax with a scenic drive through the Moroccan countryside. Marvel at the quaint Berber villages and fertile valleys along the way. Then, arrive at the Ouzoud Waterfalls to witness the cascading turquoise waters that plunge from cliffs over 100 meters. Marvel at the rushing water and lush greenery. Next, follow the guide on a leisurely walk around the nature trails to admire local flora and fauna, such as olive trees, fig trees, and colorful wildflowers. See the native Barbary macaque monkeys along the way, but keep your belongings safe from them. Continue exploring until you reach the foot of the waterfalls, and then feel the refreshing mist on your skin. Take some memorable photos of the stunning scenery which surrounds the area. Also, choose to pay for a boat ride if you want to get up close to the waterfalls for a better view. Afterward, purchase a traditional lunch at one of the local restaurants that overlook the falls. Savor delicious Moroccan flavors and specialties in a serene atmosphere. Dine on delicacies surrounded by the relaxing sound of the cascading waters. After lunch, explore the area on your own. At the end of the day, head back to Marrakech to finish up your adventure.

From Marrakech: Ouzoud Waterfalls Guided Hike and Boat Trip

2. From Marrakech: Ouzoud Waterfalls Guided Hike and Boat Trip

Embark on a full-day tour to the Ouzoud Waterfalls from Marrakech. Learn about Berber culture as you explore the land. Descend winding trails and admire stunning views of the falls on a boat ride. Begin with pickup from your hotel or riad, before departing for one of the most spectacular waterfalls in North Africa, located 93 miles (150 km) north of Marrakech. As you arrive in the village of Ouzoud, admire views of the cascades that plunge 360 feet (110 meters) into the pool below. Follow your local guide through olive groves to an argan oil co-operative and learn about Berber culture. Make the most of the opportunity to admire the views and take photos. Continue down a network of trails to a viewpoint where you can buy fresh orange juice. Board a traditional boat for a short ride on the pool at the bottom of the waterfalls. Then, enjoy a late, Berber lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the falls. In the mid-afternoon, climb a series of stairs out of the valley for your transfer back to Marrakech.

Full day Ouzoud waterfalls Day tour & Guided Walk

3. Full day Ouzoud waterfalls Day tour & Guided Walk

Getting out of the bustling city and relaxing in the natural spectacle of this place will be the first real sense of pleasure you will get on this excursion. Few tourists manage to get out as far as these areas but this excursion will take you from the city to the waterfalls and back within one full and spectacular day. Not that many people will get to see the parts of Morocco that we shall on this excursion. You should bring a good pair of walking shoes as we will occasionally be exploring the beauty of the countryside as we head into the cascades at Ouzoud. We will pass several small towns and villages with a real rural feel about them. At times you will be forgiven for thinking you’ve travelled back in time as some of the rural villagers go about their daily business in some of the most spectacular areas of outstanding natural beauty. Along the way you will see the monkeys and even greet them as they are not as shy as you might expect. Once we reach the waterfalls you will have a chance to be shown some of the best features of this area by our very own guide. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants among the waterfalls where you can relax by the rock pools at the bottom of some of the cascades and rushing rivers. You should bring some sun block, a camera and a change of clothing, if you plan on taking a dip in some of the pools at the bottom of the falls. But one thing is for sure: you’ll not forget this excursion among the huge natural cascades, Barbary macaques and rural villages that appear to be stuck in the midst of time. We drive back to Marrakech.

2 Day Trek In Atlas with Locals.. / virgin Villages

4. 2 Day Trek In Atlas with Locals.. / virgin Villages

This trip takes you through the most beautiful villages in the High Atlas Mountains. It allows the visitor to travel through history and share the wonderful experience with the locals, enjoying the wonderful and beautiful scenery and the magic of valleys and old houses are built in the Berber style. Through this experience, you can get to know the Amazigh (Berber) culture closely and from its widest gates, by participating in some activities aimed at developing the local population and helping them to settle, including: visiting local pottery, visiting women's carpets cooperatives, Watching how to make it directly, engraving henna,and raising livestock Through this experience, you can also visit some ancient historical monuments, such as the Tinmel School that was built in the twelfth century during the era of the targets, And the Kasbah of the Dukouj, which was built in 1880 AD, in addition to various activities that include visiting some local families to learn about their way of life and drinking tea with them. On the last day, our clients have the opportunity to engrave henna in the home of our guide and with his family This experience includes a walking excursion to valleys and villages and includes 1h to 4 hours on foot per day (as per client's choice) Most of the aforementioned activities are optional and are always able to cancel any portion if the customers so desire for any reason Day 1:Start From Marrakech two and a half hours by Car With Ac. About 1H after leaving Marrakech, there will be some exploration stations, such as taking memorial photos of some ancient villages and visiting a women's cooperative in the village of Molay brahim, about 45km from Marrakech Drink authentic Moroccan tea and taste the many argan products and its products, and you will get some important information about this unique tree. On our way, we also offer an optional stop (45 minutes) to try camel riding or horseback riding After this experience, while driving, we will enjoy seeing the beauty of the mountains, valleys and remote villages on our way, and there will also be some other stops to take beautiful pictures in different places After arriving in Oued Akoundiss, you will be able to visit the Tinmel School ( Built in 12th cent) and take a trip through remote villages in the High Atlas Mountains, where you will feel Amazigh welcome and enjoy great Moroccan food After our walk we will head straight for lunch on the top of a beautiful terrace among a Berber family in the village of Ijokak After lunch, we drive off for another 20 minutes, passing some pretty villages with dirt houses,with stunning views,overlooking fields of barley, corn, vegetables ...and always surrounded by almond and walnut tree... Day 2:On the second day, after a fantastic breakfast on the rooftop with stunning views, you will take a 3 to 4h hike trip accompanied by your guide This excursion will start in the gorge of the AGOUNDIS Valley in Evening Back to Marrakech.

From Marrakech: Ouzoud Falls Day Trip

5. From Marrakech: Ouzoud Falls Day Trip

Leave the hustle and bustle of Marrakech behind for a day as you explore one of Morrocco's most remarkable natural attractions, the Ouzoud waterfalls. Start your day trip with a pickup from your Marrakech hotel. Hop inside a minivan and enjoy the views as you travel northeast to Ouzoud village. As you drive, hear fascinating facts about the Ouzoud Falls from your guide. After arriving in Ouzoud, enjoy views of the waterfalls which plunge into the basin below. Next, visit olive groves belonging to an argan oil cooperative with your guide and learn about the local Berber culture. Stop to purchase fresh orange juice (not included) before boarding a traditional boat to explore the waterfalls. After your boat ride (not included), enjoy a short walk around the basin at the foot of the waterfalls. Finish your tour with lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the falls (not included). Climb a series of stairs to exit the valley to return to your minivan and drive back to Marrakech.

Trek Mount Toubkal 4167m

6. Trek Mount Toubkal 4167m

Day1: Marrakech- Imlil and Trek to Toubkal refuge. After being picked up at 8:30 in the morning from your accommodation in Marrakech set off for the Toubkal National Park, located about 60 km South Marrakech. After meetibg your guide and trekking team, you will start a locely hike up to Toubkal refuge 3200m. You will have lunch meal on the midway. After lunch, you will continue the walk to get to the refuge. Yiu will walk around 5h30. You will stay in shared dormitories with basic but clean facilities. Diner will be served by our cook around 7pm. Day2: Climb Mount Toubkal 4167m - Return to Imlil. Today you will start the hike up to Toubkal summit around 5am. You will first walk in dark using your Head torche. The climb will take you for 3h30 to to summit. After enjoying the landscapes and views, you will return to the refuge for lunch. After lunch you will walk another 4 hours back to Imlil. Your transport wll be waiting for you at imlil center. NB: there will be possibility to stay another night in imlil town (under request) if you feel tired. Our team can arrange transport to Marrakech next day.

Ouzoud Waterfalls from Marrakech with Boat Ride

7. Ouzoud Waterfalls from Marrakech with Boat Ride

Embark on a captivating day trip to the mesmerizing Ouzoud Waterfalls, starting with a picturesque 3-hour drive through the scenic Atlas Mountains. Located north of Marrakech, in the village of Tanaghmeilt, in the province of Azilal, Ouzoud Falls beckons with its awe-inspiring beauty. As you approach the falls, the vast fields of olive trees along the way set the stage for the grand spectacle ahead. The cascades become visible from a distance, and the breathtaking view alone is enough to leave you in awe. Upon arrival, explore the walking paths leading up to the falls and around the enchanting water streams below. The allure of the natural swimming pools of the Ouzoud Cascade will entice you to take a refreshing swim. For the adventurous at heart, joining the locals in jumping off the high cliffs into the crystal-clear waters is an exhilarating option. After a pleasant morning of exploration, indulge in a delightful Moroccan lunch at your leisure in one of the local cafes or restaurants nestled in the warm embrace of the Ouzoud Falls. Conclude your Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls day trip with a leisurely drive back to Marrakech, where our friendly driver will drop you off at your hotel or riad, leaving you with cherished memories of this enchanting adventure. _(Approximately 6 Hours Drive)_ **Itinerary:** 1. Depart from Marrakech and drive through the scenic Atlas Mountains. 2. Enjoy the breathtaking views of vast olive tree fields en route to Ouzoud Falls. 3. Explore the walking paths around the falls and water streams. 4. Take a refreshing swim in the natural swimming pools of the Ouzoud Cascade. 5. Experience the thrill of jumping off high cliffs into the clear waters (optional). 6. Delight in a delicious Moroccan lunch at a local cafe or restaurant. 7. Return to Marrakech and get dropped off at your hotel or riad. This day trip offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural immersion. With a convenient drop-off back in Marrakech, you'll have the opportunity to explore more of this vibrant city after a day filled with unforgettable experiences. *(Note: The total duration of the day trip is approximately 6 hours, providing ample time to enjoy each activity without feeling rushed.)*

Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Horse Riding Day Trip

8. Marrakech: Atlas Mountains Horse Riding Day Trip

After being picked up from your hotel in Marrakech at 9 AM, drive into the High Atlas Mountains to Azerg Moulay Brahim where you will find the horses waiting for you. Once you get there, be met by a local guide who will join you during a 2-hour horseback ride. Journey through farms, fields, and Berber villages. After the horse ride, you will be picked up again and driven towards Imlil valley for a lunch break. Then, enjoy a short guided hike around some small hamlets. Later in the afternoon, you will be picked up and driven back to Marrakech to be dropped off near to your accommodation.

From Marrakech: Ouzoud Waterfalls Guided Hike and Boat Tour

9. From Marrakech: Ouzoud Waterfalls Guided Hike and Boat Tour

Set out from Marrakech on a full-day excursion to the Ouzoud Waterfalls. As you travel the country, learn about the Berber culture. Take a boat ride to the falls and descend meandering slopes to take in the breathtaking sights. Start by having your hotel or riad picked up before heading to one of North Africa's most breathtaking waterfalls, which is located 150 kilometers (93 mph) north of Marrakech. Admire views of the cascades that drop 360 feet (110 meters) into the pool below as you approach the settlement of Ouzoud. Learn about Berber culture as you follow your local guide through olive gardens to an argan oil cooperative. Make the most of the opportunity to admire the scenery and take photos. To reach a viewpoint where you may purchase fresh orange juice, keep going down the network of trails. For a brief trip on the pool at the base of the waterfalls, board a traditional boat. After that, savor a late Berber lunch while admiring the falls at a nearby eatery. Ascend a flight of stairs to leave the valley in the middle of the afternoon to catch your transfer back to Marrakech.

Agafay and atlas: Quad and camel experience

10. Agafay and atlas: Quad and camel experience

Embark on a thrilling one-day adventure, combining camel and quad experiences! We'll pick you up from your Marrakech hotel and introduce you to our friendly team, who will guide you through the day's program. Enjoy a camel ride, savor a delicious Moroccan tajine or couscous, and hop on a quad bike for an adrenaline-fueled excursion. Our dedicated team ensures your safety and provides an unforgettable holiday. Explore the arid landscapes of South Marrakech, passing through wadis, local villages, and the stunning Agafay Desert, all with the magnificent Atlas Mountains as your backdrop. Feel like true adventurers, adorned with a cheich (nomad scarf) for the camel ride, and equipped with helmets, balaclavas, and goggles for the quad tour. Immerse yourself in the heart of Morocco, where a different world awaits just beyond the bustling city of Marrakech. Experience the authentic charm of this best-selling excursion, capturing the essence of Morocco. Join us for an unforgettable journey into an enchanting universe. We eagerly await your arrival.

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We asked them to pick us up at the hotel and there was no problem, we paid the supplement and they came for us. The journey is a bit heavy, but the driver took us great. Once there, we did the excursion with a guide who took us to the waterfalls and spoke all the languages. To eat, he takes you to the restaurants that interest them, we thought it was a bit expensive but it was very good. At the end, the guide charges you a €3 tip per person, and that is included in the excursion, but hey, he guided us very well. I sincerely recommend it, it is a worthwhile visit.

Very great experiance, would highly reccomend driver was well knowledged and experianced safe journey in a ac minibus, the tour guide was very helpfull and understanding well spoken english and spanish translation overall a great experiance and day out at the waterfalls pictures dont do it justice.

nice excursion to the waterfalls with stops at an argan oil cooperative and at the "tree of the goats", the waterfalls are impressive when they come down with a lot of water, you can take a boat ride to them (you're going to get wet) and eat with the best views, great driver

To see !!!… if you are not afraid of walking !!!! Otherwise really beautiful! The driver as much as the Jalal guide were on top. Morocco is a very beautiful country and welcoming Moroccans

It was interesting and definitely worth the money !