Associazione culturale Archeia

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Archeia it’s a neapolitan association which has the pourpose to assist who want to learn about the culture and the tourism in the Italian territory. It was an idea of some young archaeologists and professionals experts who decided to put together their issues in order to save and preserve the cultural heritage. Our non-profit association is responsible for funding projects for the preservation of the artistic heritage of our Region and the of the dissemination of culture. We want to reach this aim through guided and theme visits, educational laboratory, excursions and summer camps. Our activities are for Italian and foreign visitors who want to know our culture and our history. We want to extend our offer to every kind of institute interested in our funny activities like historical laboratory, or summer camps. Everything will be done with the help of some experts, so the students will learn with a permanent experience the story of their country.

Associazione culturale Archeia offers tours and activities in these cities: