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Our most recommended Ararat Province Cave tours

Yerevan: Garni, Geghard & Lake Sevan Tour with Lavash Baking

1. Yerevan: Garni, Geghard & Lake Sevan Tour with Lavash Baking

Start the tour at 10 AM by arriving at the local operator's office in Yerevan. After checking in, set off towards the Eastern part of Armenia in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle. First, make a short stop at Charent's Arch where you can soak up the wonderful views to the biblical Mount Ararat. Them, head over to the Garni pagan temple which towers over a triangular cape. Admire the temple's blend of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles and see the ruins of the former royal palace with its stunning mosaics. After this, continue on to a masterpiece of 13th-century Armenian architecture at Geghard Monastery. Learn about how this cave monastery was believed to have housed the relic of the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross. Experience its incredible construction which boasts fascinating acoustics which has served as a good place to sing spiritual songs. Marvel at some of the churches in the complex which are masterfully hewed into a huge rock. Discover how the complex is rich in subtle sculptural embellishments and many striking khachkars (cross-stones). Next up, stop for lunch at a cozy family-style restaurant called Abelyan House. Here, also watch the process of baking the Armenian lavash bread. Observe how the dough is rolled out flat and slapped against the hot walls of a clay oven. Have a good opportunity to participate in a lavash baking procedure. Savor the opportunity to taste it afterward with local cheese and greens. Following this, pop over to the amazing Lake Sevan, which is one of the world's greatest high altitude fresh-water lakes. Learn about how the lake is of volcanic origin and is surrounded by mountains of 3000 m and higher. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape surrounded by crystal-clear water. Check out the medieval church complex of Sevanavank Monastery on the peninsular before you head off. Finally, hop back into the vehicle and take the return journey back to the meeting point in Yerevan where the tour concludes.

From Yerevan: Khor Virap Monastery, Winery & Birds Cave Tour

2. From Yerevan: Khor Virap Monastery, Winery & Birds Cave Tour

Start the tour at 10 AM with pick up from the local operator's office in Yerevan. Then, set off for Khor Virap, the most famous pilgrimage site in Armenia. When you arrive, visit the monastery and learn about how it was built in the 17th century. Admire the picturesque views of the Biblical Mount Ararat. Next, head over to Birds Cave situated on the left bank of the Areni River. Explore the three halls, a large part of which still are yet to been explored. Learn about the archaeological findings which have been recovered from the cave including dried grapes, rope, dishes, clothing, and the oldest leather shoe in the world. Find out more about the ancient winery, which is believed to have existed since 4000 BC.   After this, stop for a lunch break at a cozy restaurant in a spectacular natural setting. Choose between 3 different meal options before arrival and pay on the spot - please note the cost of lunch is not included in the tour price. Then, learn a bit more about Hin Areni wine with a visit to the village winery. Enjoy a tour and tasting before admiring the architecture of the St Astvatsatsin Church. Then, drive along a narrow road flanked by impressive rock formations and numerous caves. Arrive at Noravank Monastery, which is one of the brightest examples of 13th-century Armenian architecture. Visit the churches of St Karapet, St Gregory the Illuminator, and St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) a two-storey church, admiring the incredible architecture and sculptural work. Finally, return back to the meeting point in Yerevan where your tour concludes.

Yerevan: Haghpat, Zarni-Parni, Akhtala, Castle, Sanahin

3. Yerevan: Haghpat, Zarni-Parni, Akhtala, Castle, Sanahin

Explore the gems of Armenia on a day trip from Yerevan to Zarni-Parni Cave Castle Complex and Akhtala fortress. Visit Unesco World Cultural Heritage sites such as Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries with live commentary from an expert guide. Start from the local operator's head office at 09:00 AM and head off to visit Lori province. At your first stop of Haghpat, admire the 10th-century monastery, where the famous ashugh Sayat-Nova lived and created at the end of the 18th century. Next, see the magnificent Zarni-Parni Cave Complex, where, renowned scholar and philosopher Hovhannes Imastaser is said to have lived and worked. Today, it is a historical museum where you can see a number of rare ancient agricultural tools and household items. Then, drive to Akhtala fortress. Constructed on a plateau resembling a peninsula, it is surrounded by deep gorges from 3 sides. Visit Aramyants Castle, one of the jewels of Swiss architecture in Armenia. Last but not least, visit the Sanahin monastery. Witness the skillfulness of 10th-century masters, who made a peculiar architectural decision, preventing the destruction of the complex from earthquakes. At the end of the tour, be taken back to the local operator's head office in Yerevan.

Garni & Geghard Guided Tour with Lavash Baking Experience

4. Garni & Geghard Guided Tour with Lavash Baking Experience

Explore Armenia and see its popular attractions. Visit the Garni pagan temple and Geghard Monastery. Learn the interesting history and legends of these places from a multi-lingual guide. Afterward, see the process of how Lavash, Armenian bread, is made and enjoy trying it with local cheese and greens. Meet your guide at 10:00 AM at the meeting point and head out to the Eastern part of Armenia. Have a short stop at Charent's Arch, from where a wonderful view of Mount Ararat can be seen. Continue on to Garni pagan temple. Be impressed as it towers over a triangular cape. The temple is a blend of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles. Learn about the temple's history extending back to the 1st-century to the present day. Head to Geghard monastery and witness a masterpiece of 13th-century Armenian architecture. See churches of the complex that were carved into rock. Hear about the legend of the Holy Lance and see fascinating features of the structure. Your next stop is at family-style restaurant where you can see the process of baking Armenian bread, Lavash. Made of flour, water, and salt, see how the thickness of the bread varies depending on how thin it was rolled out. Toasted sesame seeds and/or poppy seeds are sometimes sprinkled on before baking. Traditionally the dough is rolled out flat and slapped against hot walls of a clay oven. Have the opportunity to participate in the baking procedure. Taste the bread with local cheese and greens. Conclude your tour with a return to the meeting point.

Lori private tour: Haghpat, Sanahin, Mendz Er Cave Day Tour

5. Lori private tour: Haghpat, Sanahin, Mendz Er Cave Day Tour

If someone is planning to discover the gorgeous North of Armenia, then the ancient architectural masterpiece of Haghpat and Sanahin must be on one's list. The location and the atmosphere are great. The view is breathtaking. This bouth monasteries are situated in the picturesque Lori region dating back to X- XIII centuries. The "Mendz er" cave was probably a habitat of the first man, later turned into a hiding place, and not long ago it became a herd of goats. There are many famous and still to be discovered caves in Debed gorge, all with their own stories. It is said that the tunnel reaches Sanahin Monastery.

Private Tour: Khor Virap, Areni Cave, & Tatev Monastery

6. Private Tour: Khor Virap, Areni Cave, & Tatev Monastery

Although there are various historical landmarks in Armenia, the oldest and most well-known is probably the Biblical Mount Ararat. This tour promises spectacular views from the closest spot possible. The Khor Virap Monastery is located about an hour’s drive away from the capital Yerevan, and offers an amazing view of Armenia’s defining symbol – the majestic Ararat. The Monastery is one of the most sacred spots for Armenians around the world. Another place that cannot be missed whilst in Armenia is Tatev Monastery, which once was the educational and spiritual center of Armenia. It’s built on a high plateau in the Vorotan River gorge, and is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and dense forests. You can reach it by riding the world’s longest cableway, the Wings of Tatev. During your ride, you will enjoy a spectacular view over one of the most beautiful spots in Armenia (if not in the world). As the finishing touch of this tour, you will be given the chance to taste and even purchase Armenia’s renowned Areni wine. Made from the oldest grape variety in the whole world, the wine is available in several wineries in the town of Areni itself.

From Yerevan: Secret Sites Day Trip

7. From Yerevan: Secret Sites Day Trip

Get picked up from your hotel in Yerevan and head to Khor Virap, a well-known Armenian pilgrimage site associated with Gregory the Illuminator, the founder of the Armenian church who was imprisoned there for 14 years. Admire the panoramic view of the Mt. Ararat, a famous national symbol and the highest mountain of the Armenian Highland. Learn about the architecture, history, and legends of Khor Virap from your professional guide and gain a deeper understanding of Armenian culture and national heritage. Continue on to Areni and go on a tour of the local winery. Have a walk through the vineyards and taste a range of organic wines. Take advantage of the chance to order or purchase the organic products. Next up is a visit to the ancient Areni Cave 1. Filled with high chambers and huge stalactites and stalagmites, Areni Cave is a significant archaeological site dating back to the Chalcolithic period between 4500 and 3400 BC. Marvel at a hidden place occupied by humans thousands of years ago. Learn how the site was used for ritual purposes related to mortuary activities, and how the dry environment together with the stable temperature provided excellent conditions for the preservation of organic materials. Let your experienced guide lead you along well-maintained boardwalks into the cave's narrow chambers and discover the site deep inside the cave of the world’s oldest presently known wine pressing installation, dating back to around 4000 BC, and the oldest leather shoe, dated approximately to 3600 BC. Check out the colony of cave weta, large insects unique to Armenia, just inside the entrance to the cave. After your spelunking adventure, head to Soth to see Noravank, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is one of the greatest Medieval monasteries of Armenia. Absorb the beautiful architecture and learn about the birthplace of one of the famous architecture and manuscript schools in medieval Armenia. Head back to Yerevan after a day full of exploration between 6 pm and 7 pm.

Mt. Ararat, Khor Virap & Noravank Monasteries, Oldest Winery

8. Mt. Ararat, Khor Virap & Noravank Monasteries, Oldest Winery

Explore southern Armenia's history and architecture in this tour from Yerevan. See the splendor of the Khor Virap and Noravank monasteries, and taste a glass of Areni in the village of winemakers View the magnificent Khor Virap Monastery with a spectacular view of mount Ararat. Stop and appreciate the history and beauty of this important spiritual site. Travel to the Ararat Plain in the agricultural heartland of Armenia with fantastic scenery of fruit orchards and endless vineyards, until you reach Noravank. Let your spirit be lifted by this architectural gem nestled in brick-red cliffs above a deep gorge. Finally, drive to Areni, the village of winemakers. Tour the cave complex Areni-1 to see the oldest winery in the world. Then, go to one of the best local wineries to have a glass of deep, full-bodied Areni wine.

From Yerevan: Trekking and Wine Tasting Tour

9. From Yerevan: Trekking and Wine Tasting Tour

Start the day by heading for the Southern Province Vayots Dzor, which is considered the ancient cradle of wine-making. For thousands of years, it has been an important center of viticulture in the region with authentic grape varieties that grow on its fertile soil. In the morning you will drive to the village Amaghu, from where you will start trekking to the architectural masterpiece Noravank Monastery, which is perched on the rocky outcrop. The everlasting impression of the stunning panorama is guaranteed here. Later, you will head to Areni Cave, where a 6000-year old shoe has been revealed together with wine vessels and other accessories which testify that Armenia is an ancient and authentic center of wine-making. After that, you will discover the secrets of pure wine-making and taste the authentic wine of Areni. At the end of the afternoon, you will be accompanied back to your hotel in Yerevan with a stop in Khor Virap Monastery where the flawless view of the Biblical Mount Ararat will be a real gift to our eyes.

Тhrough the wine cellars of Armеnia: Khor Virap - Noravanq

10. Тhrough the wine cellars of Armеnia: Khor Virap - Noravanq

Our tour begins at Khor Virap, a renowned monastery nestled against the majestic backdrop of Mount Ararat. Khor Virap Monastery will impress you with its marvelous view of Mount Ararat and its eventful history. From the Ararat region, we will go to the Vayots Dzor region, where we will meet a completely different landscape: green fields will be replaced by picturesque gorges, red-ocher rocks and caves. You'll visit Birds Cave, an archaeological marvel nestled within the stunning cliffs of the Arpa River Gorge. After immersing ourselves in the wonders of Birds Cave, we will venture to the renowned Areni Winery, located in the picturesque village of Areni. Prepare your taste buds for a remarkable journey as you experience the flavors and aromas of Armenia's exceptional wines. At the end, you will visit the Noravank monastery complex with magnificent churches and chapels. Exploring the complex, you'll have the chance to admire the exquisite Khachkars (cross-stones), soak in the peaceful ambiance, and learn about the legends and stories that have shaped this sacred place.

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Nice tour, very good guide! The tour lasted enough to visit the places and enjoy the lavash experience. I was expecting a 20/25 people max group, however we were around 50/60. This did not prevent the guide to explain in details, everything was well explained - the guide managed to do so, despite the high number of people. It would have been nice to have an audio device, to listen to her when visiting places around - to boost the quality of the experience.

Rosa was a very nice and accommodating tour guide. As with all other tours, you have to be prepared for a linguistic cacophony, as all groups are mixed and there is not a moment's peace on the bus. But otherwise I am very positively impressed by the professional organization and the good guidance from the tour guide and her driver.

Beautiful tour with competent, motivated management. The food was very good too. All in all a very nice day. I then went on 3 more tours with this organization.

The tour guide Maisa I believe was her name was incredibly knowledgeable and very attending to the visitors. Incredible experience!

The guide Tadev was very knowledgeable and energetic. She gave us all the required information and managed two groups effectively.