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Teruel: Mausoleum of the Amantes Entry Ticket and Tour

1. Teruel: Mausoleum of the Amantes Entry Ticket and Tour

Guided visit in spanish, or also availability at the same time with audio-guides in French and English MAUSOLEUM OF THE AMANTES The current Mausoleum of the Amantes was inaugurated in September of 2005. The building, designed by the architect Alejandro Cañada, offers numerous exposition halls whose goal is to offer more insight into the history of the Amantes. CHURCH OF SAN PEDRO Built throughout the 14th century, it answers to the typology of the one of a kind church nave consisting of the polygonal apse and lateral chapels which, covered with a dome made with simple transept, surrounds the whole temple. CLOISTER OF SAN PEDRO Built in the second half of the XIV, it is one of four remaining Mud?jar cloisters in Aragon today, although this particular cloister is only partially in its original state. Bells and the Garden of Saint Peter Built in the XIV century, the bell tower features a polygonal shape with seven sides. The bell tower, which along with the Tower of Saint Peter, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1986 is decorated with overlapping multilinear arches done in brick and featuring green and white ceramic tiles of almohad influence. The top of the bell tower features seven little octagonal towers which lend the structure its unique appearance. TORRE DE SAN PEDRO Y ÁNDITO Built in the XIII century, with an original height of 25 meters, it is the oldest of Teruel?s Mud?jar towers.

Navarra: Guided Tour of Bardenas Reales in Arguendas

2. Navarra: Guided Tour of Bardenas Reales in Arguendas

During the visit you will be able to explore Ravines, flats, a steep relief and spectacular formations that have developed over the years due to erosion are some of the most notable characteristics of this Navarrese environment. Discover spectacular lunar landscapes made by the elements of nature, highlighting its hillocks and ravines shaped by the force of water and erosion. The animals that live in the environment also stand out, such as colonies of griffon vultures and Egyptian vultures, bustards, etc. Enjoy one of the most important formations is the Castildetierra, emblem and symbol of this natural park. After two hours exploring the Bardenas we will return to the starting point where we will end this activity.

Zaragoza : Aquarium entry ticket

3. Zaragoza : Aquarium entry ticket

Discover a captivating marvel within the legacy of the Zaragoza 2008 International Exhibition – the Aquarium of Zaragoza. Standing as one of Europe's largest and most significant aquatic showcases, this extraordinary masterpiece spans an expansive 8,000 square meters, with 3,400 square meters dedicated to immersive exhibitions. Venturing into its realm unveils a mesmerizing symphony of aquatic life, artfully curated within 70 intricately designed fish tanks. Over 6,000 captivating creatures from an astounding repertoire of more than 350 distinct fluvial species find their home here. Each tank is a living tribute to five iconic rivers – the Nile, Mekong, Amazon, Murray-Darling, and the Ebro – each one carefully recreating the unique ecosystems that grace their banks. An exceptional feature awaits atop this aquatic sanctuary – the Aquarium Restaurant. Nestled on the uppermost floor, it offers an unforgettable fusion of gastronomic delight and panoramic city vistas. Whether before or after your expedition through the aquatic wonders, the Aquarium Restaurant beckons, promising an exquisite culinary journey that complements the beauty you've witnessed below. Secure your table in advance to ensure an exceptional dining experience.

Arguedas: Sendaviva, Natural Park of Navarra Entry Ticket

4. Arguedas: Sendaviva, Natural Park of Navarra Entry Ticket

Experience the excitement of visiting the family leisure park in Navarre, the Sendaviva Park. Sendaviva combines the fun of an amusement park, a zoo and live shows. During your visit, you will see 800 animals of 200 different species from 5 continents, spread over 8 paths that you can enjoy walking. You can enjoy the spectacle of raptors where you can contemplate the flight of the imperial eagles, the Andean condor, or the eagle of Steller. Feel the excitement of attractions for the whole family. During the summer season you can enjoy the water attractions Around mid-September and until the end of the season, Sendaviva celebrates its particular Hallowwen. You can enjoy a variety of food available to buy in the park. The park has several restaurants. Sendaviva has 2 types of parking, a general parking for its customers totally free and a preferential paid parking. This type of ticket gives access to 1 day of park to enjoy the attractions (except zip lines that are charged), animal trails and shows.

Zaragoza : Combo Amusement park and aquarium entry ticket

5. Zaragoza : Combo Amusement park and aquarium entry ticket

Parque of 2 top attraction in Zaragoza : Zaragoza River Aquarium: One of the three thematic pavilions of the Zaragoza 2008 International Exhibition, it is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It has 8,000 m2 built, of which 3,400 m2 are for exhibitions. In its 70 fish tanks, more than 6,000 animals of more than 320 different species of fluvial fauna are housed, characteristic of each of the five rivers represented: Nile, Mekong, Amazon, Murray-Darling and the Ebro. Zaragoza Amusement Park: We have been part of you since 1974, because thinking about the Zaragoza Amusement Park is remembering the fun moments we have spent together over the years. Many things have changed in society, but if something remains unchanged, it is the desire for family fun in a unique space that has accompanied several generations of visitors, with the aim of always achieving the greatest satisfaction of all of you who choose us.

Zaragoza : Palacio de la Aljafería guided visit in Spanish

6. Zaragoza : Palacio de la Aljafería guided visit in Spanish

“Oh alcázar of joy! O hall of gold! With you I fulfilled my desires. If in my kingdom I only had that, I wouldn't miss anything else." This is how Abu Jaáfar al-Muqtádir, king of the Saraqusta taifa, described his recently built recreational residence, the Aljafería Palace. Get ready to discover his legacy! Despite the fact that the first construction dates back to the 11th century, it has changed owners and has had various uses over the centuries. Did you know that it was the residence of the Catholic Monarchs? And that it came to function as a court, prison of the Holy Office and even as a military barracks? Currently, this magnificent building serves as the headquarters of the Cortes de Aragón, our autonomous parliament. And we will also visit it! Little by little, we will explore the different rooms of this indispensable piece of Hispano-Muslim art, which is part of the World Heritage List. There we will appreciate its architectural style, which blends Arab and Christian influences. You are going to fall in love! The majesty of its halls, its patios full of history and the careful Mudejar ornamentation that adorns every corner, as well as the long and complex history of both the Aljafería Palace and Aragon as a whole. We will discover everything little by little and with the help of recreations, AI, sounds and smells so that you can say goodbye to the palace with a clear image of what life has been like here for more than 1,200 years.

Albarracín Monumental and Pérez Toyuela House Museum

7. Albarracín Monumental and Pérez Toyuela House Museum

We will visit Albarracín with official guides from Albarracín and Teruel who will accompany you through the most notable and important monuments, with a historical introduction in the Plaza Mayor, and starting from there you will tour the medieval streets of this beautiful city. Great recognitions obtained such as being declared a National Monument since June 22, 1961, Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts since 1997 and currently proposed to be declared a World Heritage Site. The most original architecture of Albarracín will surprise the visitor with its original and ancestral architecture such as the Casa de la Julianeta, Rincón del Abanico or Casa Azagra. But, by far, the most showy and proof of great economies and fortunes of the eighteenth century are noble houses with their coats of arms, with an explanation of decorative features both wrought iron and pine eaves. Some of them like: Casa de los Monterde y Antillón, Casa Navarro y Arzuriaga, Pérez y Toyuela or the old Episcopal Palace . The Plaza Mayor with its Renaissance Town Hall, corner balcony and Castilian balconies unify all streets. Let's not forget architecture and religious temples such as Santa María, Iglesia de Santiago, ex-convent ofEscolapios, Catedral and Virgen del Carmen are some examples of churches that we will see outside. An emblem of the city: the ostentatious Wall that hugs the City together, without forgetting the panoramic views of the Guadalaviar River. Of her the only two of the original four: Portal de Molina and Portal del Agua. Throughout the guided tour you will see the monuments of houses belonging to important families of the Albarracín from the 17th to the 18th century, religious temples and legends, and to this we add, optionally, the interior of the Pérez and Toyuela House-Museum. We assure you that you will live a journey through time when you combine the streets of Albarracín with the interior of a House Museum that preserves the original furniture, belongings, decoration and clothing of those who lived in this magical place.

Albarracin, Secrets and legends

8. Albarracin, Secrets and legends

On this guided tour we will get to know Albarracín in a close and familiar way, in addition to being official guides we are people rooted in the Sierra de Albarracín. Our mission is that you live a unique experience, we are not only going to talk about its history but we will know in depth how its inhabitants live, their traditions and customs, We will discover the streets and squares of this beautiful city and we will take a tour of the history, legends and peculiarities of Albarracín. We will start in the Plaza Mayor, with its Town Hall and Corner Balcony, Portal street with the Community House and the Rincón del Abanico and Portal del Agua. We will walk along Calle Azagra, Calle del Chorro, which are very picturesque streets to get to know the traditional architecture of Albarracín, and of course we will see that all the houses in Albarracín are not red, what color will the house of the Navarro and Arzuriaga be? We will discover very curious details about the shields of noble families, which show us curious characteristics of the families and we will look at the curious animals that the doors have. What is that? lizards? We will continue the tour with different panoramic views, from which we can see the bend of the Guadalaviar River, as well as its walls and watchtowers..., we will go outside the walls and visit the most famous house in Albarracín, known as the Julianeta House, Do you know why it is known like that? We will finish very close to the Plaza Mayor, in the viewpoint of the cathedral with magnificent views of the wall

Zaragoza: Self-Guided Highlights Scavenger Hunt & Tour

9. Zaragoza: Self-Guided Highlights Scavenger Hunt & Tour

Get to know Zaragoza at your own pace on this interactive scavenger hunt walking tour played on your phone. Decipher riddles, interact with the most important attractions of the city, and unlock interesting facts and legends. An ideal outdoor activity for first time visitors, couples, groups, families, and children. Can be used as a great team-building activity. After downloading the scavenger hunt tour on your mobile device (via a link and login credentials received upon booking), use the mobile app and integrated maps to reach 10 of Zaragosa most important attractions on foot. At each stop, learn about the attraction and solve a location-based riddle that can only be solved if you reach the specific location. Use logic, imagination, observation, and team spirit to unlock the correct code and reveal the next destination of the city sightseeing game. In the history-filled city of Zaragosa you will first visit the beautiful Aljafería Palace. Then the unique Plaza de Toros de La Misericordia and then the irreplaceable Mercado Central de Zaragoza. This wonderful route continues to the Murallas Romanas de Zaragoza. As a fifth stop you will find the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. As you continue your walk through the city you will find the interesting Puente de Piedra. Of course, the Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza could not be missing from this tour. In addition, you will also admire the Goya Museum. The penultimate destination is the enviable Pl. del Justicia. While the icing on the cake of this unique tour could not be other than the Plaza San Felipe.

From Pamplona or Logroño: Rioja Wineries Day Trip w/ Tasting

10. From Pamplona or Logroño: Rioja Wineries Day Trip w/ Tasting

The neighboring region of La Rioja is characterized by its millenary tradition in the production of wine, which some say comes from Roman times. In any case, it is known that at the end of the 19th century Bordeaux winemakers came to the area, identifying suitable characteristics in its terrain and climate, to begin an extensive production that has made the DO Rioja the most important in the country today in day. Take advantage of the opportunity offered by this tour to visit two medium-sized wineries in the area (we always try to stay away from crowded groups) and learn the secrets of winemaking. We will also visit the medieval village of Laguardia, on top of a hill, to enjoy a panoramic view of the great plain of vineyards. Approximate itinerary from Pamplona: 9:15 Pick up and departure from Pamplona 10:15 Pick up and departure from Logroño 11:00 Visit to the first winery and wine tasting 1:00 Visit to the second winery and wine tasting 2:00 Arrival in Laguardia and light meal 3:00 Departure from Laguardia 3:15 Drop off in Logroño 4:15 Drop off in Pamplona

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Our guide, Rebecca, was awesome. She was friendly and easy to talk to as she gave us a tour of the Old Town. Rebecca suggested other places we should visit during our stay. She was also able to get us into the Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza for a free private tour of the casino library which was very special to see. We were very happy to have met Rebecca and had her as our guide. Two hours was just not long enough!!

We really had a wonderful time walking around Zaragoza with Reyes. Reyes came to our apartment to meet us and started the tour from there, explaining the history but also the little quirks of people living in Zaragoza. She also recommended some places to eat and the Christmas market where we could enjoy some rides and festive cheer. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Reyes!

A great experience! Thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Jorge. He took us to places we would never have tried on our own. Highly recommend!

J'en avais assez de ne pas savoir quoi montrer à ma famille, alors j'ai trouvé ça sur la web et ils ont tous adoré!

It was fun and cover all the touristic and historical places .