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Alanya: Tandem Paragliding with Hotel Pickup

1. Alanya: Tandem Paragliding with Hotel Pickup

When booking our Alanya Paragliding flight, you can expect to feel your enthusiasm growing strong, with an activity that fills you with emotions and memories. The flight takes place in the morning. Upon booking, members of our team will let you know the approximate time of transfer. Be ready on time as a comfortable car will drive you, from your hotel in Alanya, to the take off site. The action takes place on a cliff above the spectacular Cleopatra Bay. In fact, the cliff is 500 meters above the sea level, which means that you should be ready for an extremely unforgettable experience! It is important to note that if you wish to participate in our Alanya Paragliding, you need no prior experience. Once you arrive at the take-off site, you will have a detailed introductory session with the pilots. The fully certified and experienced pilots are about explain everything you need to know. They will, also, provide the necessary safety equipment, and prepare you for the flight. Once ready, start running towards the end of the cliff with your pilot, and let yourself lose to experience how it feels to be flying. Without even noticing it, you will be up in the air! Expect some major adrenaline boosts during the first moments of the flight, and make sure that you will keep you eyes open to witness the breath-taking views! In case you worry about missing a moment, we have great news! The pilot will have a camera, to snap photos of you, and of the incredible views. The flight lasts for, approximately, 15 minutes, and is subject to the weather conditions. Landing takes place at Cleopatra Bay, where a team is waiting to ensure a safe and smooth process. When you land, you can preview the pilot’s photos, and purchase them at an extra cost. This amazing experience finishes when you return back at your hotel in Alanya.

Alanya Paragliding Experience With Hotel Pickup

2. Alanya Paragliding Experience With Hotel Pickup

Enjoy a unique experience of Alanya by paragliding above its villages. Travel conveniently with pickup and drop-off to your hotel. Start your experience with a brief introduction to your certified paragliding pilot. With years of training on emergency and adaptation flights, your pilot will make sure you fly with ease and convenience just among the clouds. During your flight, marvel at the breathtaking view of the town of Alanya just beneath you. After soaring above historic villages, land at the infamous beach of Cleopatra and take in the sound of the waves.

From Antalya: Alanya Paragliding Experience with Beach Visit

3. From Antalya: Alanya Paragliding Experience with Beach Visit

Get strapped into a paraglider for an adrenaline-filled experience to remember above the southern coast of Turkey. Take part in an adventure while strapped for an instructor for total safety. Feel the unforgettable sensation of being in the air before gently land on scenic Cleopatra's beach. Be picked up in a comfortable car from Antalya and taken to the nearby town of Alanya and its take-off site. Receive a detailed safety briefing on processes and on how to behave during the flight to ensure your experience is a safe one. Then, be attached to your instructor and both run toward the edge of cliff. Once there, you will take off and fly through the sky like a bird. Savor the feeling of being in the air as you look down on Cleopatra’s Bay and its surrounding landscape of mountains and trees. Take away photos and video of your experience shot by the team at your own expense. Land on the beach, then enjoy some time at your leisure before transportation back to Antalya.

Alanya: Tandem Paragliding Experience

4. Alanya: Tandem Paragliding Experience

Benefit from pick-up at your hotel in Alanya in the morning or afternoon, and then travel to Kleopatra Beach in just 20 minutes. Go to the top of a hill 800 meters above sea level for the start of your tandem paraglide adventure. Get a short briefing from a professional pilot at the start of your 20 to 25-minute flight. Relax as your pilot controls the speed and takes great pictures and videos that you can purchase as a unique keepsake. Enjoy stunning views of Alanya and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Land back at Kleopatra Beach, and then journey back to Alanya to get dropped off at your hotel.

Alanya: Tandem Paragliding Flight to Cleopatra Beach

5. Alanya: Tandem Paragliding Flight to Cleopatra Beach

Immerse yourself in freedom and energy with a tandem flight accompanied by a licensed instructor and pilot in Alanya. Glide through the blue sky smoothly and safely on a 12- to 18-minute flight to Cleopatra Beach. See the entire coastline bordering the sea, mountains, sights, city streets, hotels, and pools. Following pickup or meeting at the meeting point, head to the paragliding base in the Taurus Mountains. After discussing the rules of conduct and safety, leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and soar like a bird through the sky. After the jump, during the free-fall, the airflow surrounds your whole body and makes you feel as if you are not jumping down, but really falling. Then the slower and more peaceful part of the fight follows during which you can observe the landscape. During your flight, the instructor will take photos and videos so as to make these precious moments unforgettable (available to purchase). End your flight by landing on the famous Cleopatra Beach. If you were picked up, get dropped off back at your hotel.

Alanya: Tandem Paragliding Over a Castle and the Sea

6. Alanya: Tandem Paragliding Over a Castle and the Sea

We are rightly called the "KINGS OF ALANYA" Tandem Paragliding is one of the best activities to do in Alanya with professionally trained and official certified Pilots by FAI (Federation Aeronautics International). Enjoy the beautiful view over Alanya. The starting point's altitude is 700m. View the turquoise-blue sea and the castle from up to 1,000m high. Whether a relaxed flight in the thermals or exciting flight maneuvers. A breathtaking and royal tandem paragliding experience where you will meet your wishes and expectations awaits you and if you dare, you can take over the control of the paraglider for a short time. The crowning glory is the landing on the world-famous white sandy beach of Cleopatra. Pilots can fly 6-7 times a day, so hurry up to be among our happy guests.

From Side: Alanya Tandem Paragliding With Beach Visit

7. From Side: Alanya Tandem Paragliding With Beach Visit

The paragliding flight station is located on the Cleopatra’s Hill, at an altitude of 700 meters above the sea level. Your safety is the number one priority during this experience. For this reason, professional paragliding pilots and instructors will offer a detailed introduction regarding the activity. During the briefing, the pilots will explain how paragliding works, which are the safety procedures, and offer you all the necessary safety equipment. The actual paragliding experience begins once you attach your equipment to the instructor’s uniform. Then, you need to start running with the instructor for few meters towards the end of the hill. At some point, you will find yourself flying and a sense of freedom will immediately fill your body. Paragliding is in fact one of those activities that are able to offer you unique emotions and adrenaline boosts at the same time. The paragliding flight lasts for almost 20 minutes. Please keep in mind that the flight duration is subject to the weather conditions and to the direction of the wind. In general, during the flight you would be able to admire spectacular panoramic views over the beautiful Cleopatra’s beach. The tranquillity of the flight, in conjunction with the magnificent views of the surrounding area will make the whole experience memorable. Landing takes place at the beach, and the pilot will make sure that is smooth and pleasurable. Upon landing, you can preview the photos and the videos taken by the pilot during the flight. If you wish, you can purchase them at an extra cost.By the end of your paragliding experience, a vehicle will transfer you back to Side. After one hour you will arrive back at the place of your accommodation full of great emotions, new images and long lasting memories.

From Side Alanya Paragliding

8. From Side Alanya Paragliding

Our guests, who are taken from the hotels in Side region between 08:30 and 09:30 in the morning, reach Alanya Cleopatra Beach after about an hour's journey. After distributing the insurance cards of our instructors and giving the necessary information, we set off to the starting point with our vehicles and equipment. Passing through the banana fields, we reach the hill at an altitude of 500 meters. Here, too, we put on our equipment after the instructors give us the information we need to do during the flight before the flight. If we are amateurs, we start flying with a professional instructor, if we are professionals, we start flying on our own. Our flight with a view of the magnificent Alanya Castle, the peninsula, the city of Alanya and the Mediterranean Taurus Mountains takes about 15 minutes. Depending on the wind, we can go up to 2000 meters during the flight. We end our adrenaline-filled flight at Cleopatra Beach. After watching our photos and videos taken during the flight at our agency's office on the beach, they can optionally purchase them. Then we have free time. If you wish, you can swim, sunbathe, and dine in the restaurant at Cleopatra Beach with its unique sandy beach and clean water during this free time. You can spend your time in Alanya, which is a unique city with its history and culture. Around 16:30-17:00, we arrive at the meeting place indicated by our guide and return to our hotel by bus. We arrive at our hotels around 17:30-18:00.

Alanya: Tandem Paragliding from 700m with Meeting or Pick Up

9. Alanya: Tandem Paragliding from 700m with Meeting or Pick Up

A friendly and experienced team will pick you up from your hotel/address at the scheduled time if you select the tour with pick up . Sit back and relax as we transport you to the designated take-off point, where your thrilling paragliding adventure begins or reach our meeting point at ease. Upon arrival at the take-off point, you will receive a comprehensive safety briefing by our expert paragliding instructors. They will explain the necessary safety measures, equipment usage, and provide instructions on proper paragliding techniques. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our team will ensure that you are properly fitted with all the necessary paragliding gear, including a modern and secure harness, helmet, and safety equipment. Rest assured that our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to meet the highest safety standards. Get ready for an exhilarating experience as you take off with your experienced and licensed paragliding pilot. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar into the sky, gliding gracefully above Alanya's stunning landscapes. Take in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, golden beaches, lush mountains, and the vibrant city below. To capture every thrilling moment of your paragliding experience, you will have the option to have a photos and videos during your flight . You will get captured stunning aerial shots and record of your flight, allowing you to relive the excitement and share the memories with friends and family. The duration of the paragliding flight varies depending on weather conditions and individual preferences. On average, you can expect a flight time of approximately 12-14 minutes, during which you'll have ample opportunity to enjoy the incredible views and experience the sensation of flying. After a breathtaking flight, your experienced pilot will guide the paraglider for a smooth landing on one of Alanya's picturesque beaches. Feel the sense of accomplishment and take a moment to reflect on the incredible adventure you just experienced. Following the paragliding activity, we will provide comfortable transportation back to your hotel in Alanya or hosting you back to meeting point .

Antalya: Tandem Paragliding Experience with Transfer

10. Antalya: Tandem Paragliding Experience with Transfer

If you couldn’t find an activity which has not enough adrenalin, exactly we will offer you to try this one. Have you ever dreamt of soaring though the sky or wondered what it is like to fly like a bird? If you want to find out then come to Alanya and join us to finally make your dream come true. Tandem fly over Alanya Cleopatra’s beach and along our beautiful Alanya Castle. Tandem Paragliding flights don’t require any previous flight experience and can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Tandem Paragliding is very easy to do and only takes a few steps and you are gently lifted off the ground into the sky and on your way to a journey that will provide you with excitement and unforgettable memories. Your tandem pilot will guide you through the whole tandem paragliding flight. Anyone that is able to run a few steps at the time of takeoff and landing with the instructor.

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Superb activity that will remain engraved in the memory forever, just the price of the purchase of photos and videos is expensive, we are made to pay 40€ for its... Otherwise good team who laughs with the people

Everything was great, paragliding and guides are very friendly and put you in a good mood. Would recommend to anyone who is in Alanya :) thank you!!

It was a great experience. The team is professional and friendly. Would recommend to anyone. :)

Everything was good, just a pity that the flight time is only about 20 minutes

Very good but also very expensive. 50€ for pictures is not normal.