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Rome: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Tour

1. Rome: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Tour

Discover some of the most popular attractions in Rome on a guided walking tour of Vatican City. Visit the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica with your guide, and admire the ornate interiors and the famed artworks housed here. Meet your guide close to the entrance to the Vatican Museums and follow them as you set out to explore the most interesting galleries within the museum. See the Rotunda, the Gallery of Tapestries, and the Gallery of Maps. Take in the ornate ceilings in each room and see the ancient statues, frescoes, and tapestries that adorn the walls. Then, enter the Sistine Chapel and marvel at the intricate fresco that covers the entire ceiling and walls. Painted by Michaelangelo between 1508 and 1512, the Sistine Chapel represents a cornerstone work of High Renaissance art. From the Creation of Adam to the Last Judgement, Michelangelo dedicated some of his greatest years to the Sistine Chapel, working day and night – even sleeping in the chapel – to satisfy the popes of Rome. The artist also expressed his frustration through hidden meanings in his work, which have since been uncovered and deciphered. Listen as your guide lets you in on Michelangelo's private jokes. Finally, head to St. Peter's Basilica for the final leg of your guided walking tour. The cathedral is one of the most renowned works of Renaissance architecture and holds the title of the biggest church in the world. Explore the interior of this magnificent structure with your guide and discover the many masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque art that fill the cathedral. Admire the famous Pietà by Michelangelo and the elaborate St. Peter's Baldachin by Bernini. Your tour comes to an end outside the cathedral. From here, feel free to wander around Saint Peter's Square or visit the nearby Castel Sant'Angelo on your own. 

Bari: Norman-Swabian Castle Tour with a Guide

2. Bari: Norman-Swabian Castle Tour with a Guide

It is impossible to miss one of the most emblematic symbols of the city of Bari, the Norman-Swabian Castle, an imposing fortress dating back to the 13th century, now turned into a museum. With its extensive moat it overlooks the gates of Bari Vecchia, flanking the perimeter of the city, which was defended by it since the Roman times. To the defensive function, the Normans added the monitoring of the territory. Afterwards, as the seat of the court of Isabella of Aragon, the Castle acquired a Renaissance style and was completed with the defensive wall, the corner bastions, the drawbridge and the quadrangular courtyard. The complete tour of the Castle (inside and outside) comes with the access to the Gipsoteca, an interesting collection of Romanesque sculptures and plaster casts, which reflect the details of the most important monuments of Puglia, from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century.

VIP Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel Ticket & Guided Tour

3. VIP Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel Ticket & Guided Tour

Discover the splendor of the Vatican Museums with a private English-speaking guide that has selected the very best of the Vatican’s collections. Gaze up at Michelangelo's masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel, visit St. Peter's Square, and uncover the artwork in St. Peter's Basilica Meet your guide outside the Vatican and save time with your fast-track access tickets. Head to the main sections of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. An unforgettable guided tour inside the splendid Vatican City which houses one of the largest collections of masterpieces in the world. See important works of art from the Egyptian period to the end of the Renaissance are kept. Pass by ancient statues such as the mythological 'Laocoön and His Sons' and the 'Apollo Belvedere.' Marvel at the magnificence of the Raphael Rooms which is adorned with his frescoes. Explore the Sistine Chapel's incredible mix of paintings by the most glorious artists, such as Botticelli, Perugino, Ghirlandaio that adorn walls. However, they are quite literally overshadowed by the masterpiece above by Michelangelo’s frescoes. Follow your seasoned guide as they explain the history and hidden meaning of the frescos. View the 'Creation of Adam' and the 'Day of Judgment' in a space that still serves as the Pope’s personal chapel. Finally, go to St. Peter’s Basilica where you can see the dome designed by Michelangelo and several world-renowned artworks as Michelangelo’s 'Pietà' and Bernini’s huge bronze sculpture 'Baldachin' which is above the main altar where the presumed tomb of St. Peter is located. End the tour outside Saint Peter’s Basilica, in the center of Saint Peter’s Square where an obelisk stands which was brought to Rome by the mad emperor Caligula. This large square is known above all for the “Urbi et Orbi” blessings pronounced by the Pope at Easter and Christmas.

Torreglia: Villa dei Vescovi Entry Ticket

4. Torreglia: Villa dei Vescovi Entry Ticket

Standing out on a knoll of the Euganean Hills, encircled by the lush, untainted greenery of the Veneto countryside, the Villa dei Vescovi is a highly significant villa that blazed a trail in this part of north-eastern Italy (and, indeed, far beyond) for a return to classical models, with echoes of the Roman Renaissance, thus anticipating Palladio’s widely copied aesthetic. The concept for the Villa dei Vescovi (“Bishops’ Villa”) was originated in the early 16th century by nobleman Alvise Cornaro at the behest of the Bishop of Padua, who wanted a venue for his intellectual circle that would tap the potential of the countryside as a catalyst for elevated thoughts and reflections, which were considered essential elements for governing well. Designed in compliance with these ideals by the Veronese architect Giovan Maria Falconetto to a rigidly geometric plan, the villa then benfitted from the input of Giulio Romano. It constitutes a refined experiment in Humanist culture, in which architecture, art and the landscape engage with each other in an ongoing game of visual references through the loggias and terraces, with a view to enhancing the wellbeing of those spending time there. As you approach the villa, a series of vineyards gives way to the verdant geometries of the walled garden, after which the beauty of the real landscape is once again reflected in the idealised panoramas of the loggias and the interiors, covered in their entirety with frescoes by the Flemish painter Lambert Sustris. The original vocation of the property, as a place with the ability to inspire and elevate the spirit, survives today: the invitation stills stands to immerse yourself in the Villa dei Vescovi, enjoying a day of creative otium or staying overnight in the guest accommodation, savouring the benefits of its heart-warming ambience.

Venice: Basilica dei Frari & Scuola Grande di San Rocco Tour

5. Venice: Basilica dei Frari & Scuola Grande di San Rocco Tour

Explore the history of Venice by discovering its connections with religion and art throughout the centuries. Embark on a guided tour of two major examples of its heritage: the Basilica dei Frari and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. See mesmerizing paintings by renowned Italian artists of the past. Meet your guide outside of the Basilica dei Frari. Observe its ancient Gothic facade and step inside to admire masterpieces by Titian, Donatello, and Bellini. Learn about the Franciscan Order, its impact on Venice, and their reasons for building this historic church. Up next, enter the breathtaking Scuola Grande di San Rocco, funded as a confraternity back in the days of the plague. Marvel at more than 60 paintings, tirelessly created by Tintoretto over 20 years, hoping to tell the story of Christ. End your journey here, after touring the inside.

Venice: Accademia Gallery Entry Ticket & Private Guided Tour

6. Venice: Accademia Gallery Entry Ticket & Private Guided Tour

Enjoy a private guided tour of the Accademia Gallery and discover the extraordinary collection of Venetian paintings created between the 14th and 18th centuries by great masters of European painting. See works from the Byzantine to the Gothic period. Appreciate the works of Renaissance artists such as Bellini, Giorgione, Tintoretto, and Carpaccio, or 17th-century landscape artists such as Longhi, Canaletto, and Guardi.

From Venice: Ferrari Full day Experience

7. From Venice: Ferrari Full day Experience

Live a full day in contact with the Ferrari Myth. This incredible tour will take you to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, where you will be able to visit its many rooms. To follow, enjoy a guided shuttle tour in Italian and English of the Cittadella Ferrari and the Fiorano racetrack area. The guide will explain about each factory department, the history of the Fiorano racetrack and of all the Cittadella Ferrari, which still preserves the original factory entrance door. You will visit as well the Enzo Ferrari House Museum in Modena, a place that pays tribute to the 90 years of life to the man who changed the automotive history forever. All of it, including a pit stop for an excellent lunch at a restaurant surrounded by greenery! If you want to make your experience richer, you can add a Ferrari Simulator to test your driving skills, or try a Ferrari Road Test drive to feel the real power of the Prancing Horse!

Venice: Peggy Guggenheim Collection Private Guided Tour

8. Venice: Peggy Guggenheim Collection Private Guided Tour

Explore the Peggy Guggenheim Collection on a private guided tour and learn more about the vast collection in the museum. Admire a variety of different art, including American and European works that date back to the first half of the twentieth century. Make the most of a trip to Venice and see the collection with a private guide. Explore the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, located on the Grand Canal. Learn the history of the European avant-garde and American artists. Familiarize yourself with Peggy Guggenheim's personal collection of paintings. Discover various masterpieces from European and American artists from the first half of the twentieth century. Wander the museum with a private guide and marvel at works by Picasso, Braque, Ernst, Mirò, and Magritte, along with works from American artist Jackson Pollock. Stroll through the sculpture garden of Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher to see works by Arp, Duchamp-Villon, Fazzini, Giacometti, Holzer, Minguzzi, Mirko, Merz, Moore, Ono, and Richier. View an art collection by Italian, European, and American artists from 1945 to the present, including gems by Burri, Capogrossi, de Kooning, Dubuffet, Rothko, Oldenburg, Stella, Twombly, Warhol, and Kapoor.

Venice: St Mark's Basilica Private Guided Tour with Ticket

9. Venice: St Mark's Basilica Private Guided Tour with Ticket

Allow yourself to be enchanted by the gilded interior of St Mark's Basilica on a private tour with skip-the-line tickets. Step inside the church's museum and admire its fascinating collection of Byzantine art. Learn about the site's history from a professional guide. Enter St Mark's Basilica without waiting in line and listen to your guide as they narrate the history and peculiarities of this architectural marvel. Pause to appreciate the magnificent gold mosaics and the marble inlays of the floors, as well as the renowned Pala d'Oro altarpiece. Browse through the basilica's museum, housing some of the best examples of Byzantine art in the world. Learn about the biblical symbolism behind the iconic artworks. Finally, go up to the terrace and admire panoramic views of the lively St Mark's Square and its surrounding monuments.

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Maite was absolutely amazing tour guide! She was really good with her explanations, kept the group together well when it was extremely busy. Great knowledge, was really in-depth with pieces of history that we were seeing! Highly recommend her to anyone who’s visiting the Vatican City.

We got into the palace immediately and it was very impressive and interesting. Some parts were closed but we were able to see a lot and continue on our day.

Great trip, and worth the money. Chiara was an awesome guide and knew all the answers to my questions on Venice. Thank you so much Chiara!

Maite was an excellent guide: intelligent, knowledgeable and likeable

Excellent tour guide!The best choice for our visit at Vatikano.