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Lefkada: Parga and The Temple of the Dead Private Day Tour

1. Lefkada: Parga and The Temple of the Dead Private Day Tour

Embark on a journey to the underworld in the phenomenal 4th century BC Nekromanteion temple - where people from all over the ancient world went hoping to take a glimpse of their deceased loved ones. Take a boat trip on the estuary of the mythological river of the dead – Acheron. (life preservation guaranteed!) Fast forward in history –capture the breath-taking view over the whole bay from the 19th century Ali Pasha castle. Celebrate life with a walk in beautiful Parga town and its Venetian castle.

Preveza: Private Highlights Tour with a Local

2. Preveza: Private Highlights Tour with a Local

You will have the opportunity to visit: 1. Preveza town that is located at the mouth of Amvrakikos Gulf, in Western Greece. It is an area blessed with beautiful landscapes, green areas, great beaches, a rich history, ancient sites and monuments. 2. The Museum that is dedicated exclusively to the city which was founded in commemoration of the victory of Octavian Augustus at the naval battle of Actium in 31 BC. Based on this, the central theme of the permanent exhibition can be summarized in the phrase: One Battle, One City, One Empire. Octavian’s victory at Actium did not only lead to the founding of Nicopolis; it also had great influence on the shape of the Roman Empire and the course of history. 3. Nikopolis or Nicopolis (it means, the victory city) is probably the largest in size ancient city in Greece, but still few have heard about it! 4. Cassope is located very close to Zalongo, a steep slope at the village of Kamarina in the Preveza Peripheral Unit, where in 1803, after the capitulation of Souliotes to Ali Pasha, the women from Souli threw first their children off the cliff and then followed them singing and dancing hand-in-hand. Cassope, the capital of Cassopaea, was founded before the mid-4th century BC, in a naturally fortified location within a spacious plateau, at an altitude of 550 - 650 m on the slopes of Zalongo. The city reached its heyday in the 3rd century BC, when its great public buildings were built and the area of the agora acquired its monumental form. 5.The famous river Acheron (44km from Preveza) is named after god Aheron, who in Greek mythology is known as the god who guards the river of the underground. According to legend, the souls of the dead were transported to the other side of the river Acheron, to the god of the underground world Hades, and the goddess Thetis bathed her son Achilles in this river, holding him for heel, giving him immortality. Walking to the river takes fifteen minutes through the beautiful nature, and the last 5-10 minutes by a riverbed through a very cold and shallow water. The color of the water is gently blue or emerald green depending on the surrounding environment (high white rocks or trees).

Parga: Acheron River, Necromanteion & Souli tour

3. Parga: Acheron River, Necromanteion & Souli tour

We will begin our adventure at the Nekromanteio of Acheron, an ancient temple where people in ancient times communicated with the dead to learn about their future. We will explore this fascinating site before heading to the springs of the Acheron River. We will have plenty of time to wander through the stunning river gorge, swim in the crystal clear waters, and take in the breathtaking surroundings. Our journey then takes us to the charming town of Souli, where we will relax and enjoy a coffee or soft drink at the famous Souli mills. From there, we will embark on a 30-minute hike to the castle of Kiafa. Along the way, we will learn about the area's rich history, including the heroic resistance of Souli against the Ottomans. After soaking up the stunning views from the castle, we will head to a traditional restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal made with local products. With our bellies full, we will return home, taking with us unforgettable memories of our adventure in Acheron and Souli.

Corfu: Acheron River Trekking Tour with Ferry Trip

4. Corfu: Acheron River Trekking Tour with Ferry Trip

A truly unique experience to walk through one of the nicest and remote canyons of Epirus into the river Acheron known from the Greek Mythology as the river that was flowing into the lake from which the ferryman used to carry the dead people in the underworld. Now days of course, all those belong to history. Instead of the myth you will live a great adventure! Feel the clear, fresh water at your feet, admire the imposing rocks surrounding the canyon and, swim in a small part of the river. Water is so clear that you can drink as it gushing from the rock! The end of our route with the magnificent small waterfalls at the river source is a moment to capture and remember forever! This is one of the activities that words are too poor to describe! Your feelings and emotions at the end of the day will arise the question…”when do we come back again”?

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